Help..S3 8P BHZ hesitation at 3000-3500rpm

Sorry everyone if I have posted wrong or in the wrong place, this is my first ever post on the internet ever....

I have a 2008 S3 with BHZ engine and have had a strange hesitation since buying it back at the end of January this year.

it is not really noticeable in most gears but is noticeable
If this helps, a friend scanned the car a few weeks ago and no faults but found these in the stored soft codes or something

but could have been from me testing/unplugging stuff or just old codes
And then I scanned car and I get no codes either but 2 pending codes after about a week gap every time

Oh and all faults- soft and historical were cleared by my mate a few weeks back
And I get the P0420 code after most drives longer than 10mins nearly every time. Still not a code though- just always pending and no lights on the dash ever From the beginning and even now still no dash lights.

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