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    reset diferencial sensor dpf Scroll down to find ‘Exhaust Gas Differential Pressure Sensor (G450) Adaptation‘
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    3G high to 3G+

    I would like to do this mod on my A6 which is fitted with 3G High that includes HDD, Bluetooth, Nav, AMI etc Can anybody help out with part numbers of the units I require please? I would like the MMI unit with the SIM card slot for google maps etc
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    Post pics of your A6/S6/Allroad (C6 Chassis)

    I've been looking at the option of going up to the 20" version of the Le Mans/RS4 wheels but the 20x9 fitting have an offset of 29 or 33 which I think would rub, unless anyone knows differently?
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    Brake dust

    Haven't used them myself yet but a friend has recommended EBC Redstuff pads for minimum brake dust
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    Post pics of your A6/S6/Allroad (C6 Chassis)

    Its been a few years since my loved A4 went but I'm finally back in an Audi. The A4 was a 2.5TDi Quattro S-Line and I liked that spec so much I decided to go for the A6 3.0Tdi Quattro Le-Mans S-Line. Its a 2010 plate that had 64k miles on the clock with the last three years only being used as a...
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    Front window steam up

    I always use AC mode but never have the air flow directed onto the windscreen, I always select dash vents and footwell vents or just dash vents on their own, never had the windscreen mist or steam up in any weather even with no air flow onto it
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    Mint condition S4 alloys & tyres for sale

    Mate, the refurb cost me that on its own and the two new tyres were £250.
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    Mint condition S4 alloys & tyres for sale

    As above, these have been sitting in the garage gathering dust since I sold the A4, time to find them a new home ;) Classifieds: Genuine Audi S4 18" alloys & tyres - mint
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    v6 camshaft replacement

    Just seeing this thread so would like to advise you to replace the cam-shaft pulleys too. After having the same job done on my A4 (full top end rebuild) and spending nearly £2k, one of the cam pulleys let go after about 6 months of the work being done. I was advised by the garage that the cam...
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    B6 Useful Ebay finds

    My A4 up for sale as spares or repair :( Audi A4 2.5TDi Quattro Sport 2001 - Spares or repair | eBay
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    Is this car a sport?

    my car is a Sport with the S-Line GMBH bodykit retrofitted
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    Is this car a sport?

    i think you might be getting the Sport version confused with the S-Line version, the Sports where produced before the S-Line's were. as far as I know the differences between the Sport and the S-Line are the body kit and the suspension this is a S-Line: Audi A4 S-Line
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    Follow Me Home

    just did a quick search and its a massive and very expensive job if you want to do it, I found a thread on where a guy has retrofitted it to his B7, the mod involves fitting the Auto Lights system which means a new windscreen, rear view mirror with sensors, new modules and re-wiring :(
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    Pics of anthracite RS4 wheels on a black cab?

    the 'Final Edition' cabs had the RS4 anthracite wheels so might be worth searching for a black one of those
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    Follow Me Home

    isn't the function called 'Coming Home' too?