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    But it seems sorted here with good feedback where the other forum are still looking for solution
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    New Summer Rims

    Me too, I like. But does your insurance man like them?
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    Next rs3

    Limited edition = salesman's bull**** to get you to buy whatever's available
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    This fuel pump is running at 145 bar (2100 psi) and the leakage on Sean's car is from the fuel pressure sensor thread as indicated.
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    SO WHY is your audi-sport USER NAME your USER NAME?

    8PARSY = Audi A3 Sportback quattro Stronic i.e., the SAME Audi RS3 designation we ALL have :yes:
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    RS3 Bye bye

    NOT appropriate questions me thinks so please DON'T answer those Moshops
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    There's A Traitor In The Camp

    "OH! Lord won't you buy (me :wtf:) a Mercedes Benz WHY, Real Thing, WHY? It's F*#K UGLY! :Flush: And a 4-pot to boot - ok with a higher output per cylinder than the Audi 5-pot :cold: AND """Hand built""" as MB (!) say? I mean, PLEASE tell me an engine that isn't as I've yet to find one a...
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    DETAILING: BLUEY has been detailed???

    AMAZING work DAYTONA500, well done Your car is stunning And thanks for the how to do it and with what information I'll be trying that real soon
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    Just another day in the RS3

    Go see todays post: You've guessed it !! The return of brake squeal AFTER Audi fix.
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    I'm not saying a word.................

    Just a clean and polish and a bill for £28. Sorry should have reported earlier :notme:
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    I'm not saying a word.................

    And me reminding me of a dental appointment tomorrow at 10.30 :tapedshut:
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    Off to have the brakes fixed

    Wow and thanks
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    Off to have the brakes fixed

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. So how long is it gonna take the Milton Keynes Audi Technical Centre to change yer brake calipers, pads and discs? MBK and a man in a white van did it in a couple of hours outdoors
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    Is this the same car that you've been on about saying: "Having bought many new cars in my 25 years of motoring the Audi I collected at the weekend was in the most disgraceful state for a brand new car covered in light scratches and swirl marks" Man that sure looks in the most disgraceful state...
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    AUDI Dealers in the UK: the GOOD and/or Incompetent...

    This is getting a bit like Audi moaners here in the UK!