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    need help with vcds coding "tire circumference variant"

    nope. there is a way. dont give up. but for now i have not seen a way to do it at home.
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    does the 2015 s3 come with limited slip differential?

    does the s3 2015 come with limited slip differential?
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    what are all the brands that have a drop in airfilter for the s3?

    im looking to see what brands are available that make drop-in filters for our cars?
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    8V 7 speed DSG mechatronic

    all these issues with the euro market make japanese cars look like the easiest cars to maintain.
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    Brake pedal adjustment

    with that new info you can prob jerry-rig some spacers in there to push the whole unit back a little. but remember that if you have less travel before it hits the ground, when the unit fails you won't have the extra space that would have been there to stop in an emergency. if you do end up...
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    lets talk aftermarket turbo options for the mqb 8v s3

    let's have a fun discussion on aftermarket replacement turbo available that you guys might know of. what turbo options do we have that are available for our cars? *requirement is that the turbo needs to be larger than the stock unit. *show how much of an increase it will give. i think the...
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    DRL Module

    hey guys, since you're on the topic, would anyone know if the plug in the back on the xenon and the Led headlights is the same? basically would replacing the xenon and led lights fit each other's plugs, or do we need an adaptor?
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    Dealer wont budge on Price (£24k) - what can i ask for instead ?

    cash was never king when buying a car from the dealerships. that mindset was wrong from the get-go. they have so many kickbacks when financing, that customers never see. dealerships are my customers and all they want is for customers to go through financing.
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    Dealer wont budge on Price (£24k) - what can i ask for instead ?

    you can try to go to another dealership.
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    can some one help me with a pic of the LED headlight plugs?

    im looking for both the female and male side of the plug that is for the LED headlight on the S3 2015 8v. i couldnt find a good clear pic of it. im looking to see the pins and the opposite side of that.
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    what is the real differences of G13 / G12 audi coolants

    i recently went to audi to pick up some coolant and they asked which one do i need? i had no clue what they were talking about. the parts guy said one is the newer one and the other was the older one. he had no other knowledge about it. im pretty curious now what is the real differences. why...
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    On volume help

    i have asked that before on my 8v s3. i never got an answer.
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    Changed Halogen to LED...

    hi, i am looking to get these halogen housing to replace my LED housing. are they plug and play or is there coding and other things to get these exact ones to work?
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    MagRide & VCDS

    sorry everyone about my initial/surprised response about alex's intention. i was totally thrown off as he is a professional but asks forum members to gather info then charges the same people. i know many of you are true followers and im not here to change anyone's opinion. i am but just one...
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    anyone with the coding for these 2 items using vcds

    looking for the coding for having pre sense to keep the last setting, rather than it keep reverting back to turned on when the car is restarted. also what is the coding for the lane sensors to work better setting. where it will react quicker as it seems to not sense the lanes very well.