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    The "Rimz" Thread ** Look here before requesting pics of specific wheels**

    19" rotiform 215-35-19 falken tyre 8.5j Et 45 3mm front spacer to clear s3 brakes
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    2012 A3 Headlight Change

    I fitted these to my car a few weeks ago. It's not an easy job, had to rewire the whole lamps. Hard cutting looms to £700 lights. Still have one problem to solve, and thats when you flash some one when dip beam is not on only high beam flaps move with no light. Still working to solve this...
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    How high is your mileage?

    Audi a3 bkd tdi 2003 now has 194k only replaced turbo last year, have to say it gets a really good ragging from time to time, before having it chipped it was still at 142bhp not bad after all them years, looking forward to seeing it turn 200k Would have done build thread, but never been able...
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    audi ttrs brakes on my a3 tdi

    Just thought I would show picture of my bigger brakes, really pleased how they look and feel on the road. was not hard to fit, just needed 10mm spacers and a different banjo bolt on the standard flexy hose. Oh and to move the wheel weights over 1cm.
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    AitP Discussions Thread.

    well there was lots of AITP today, this was my first time at this show and second time on the ASN stand if I'm being honest I only chatted to a couple of people on the stand, seemed everyone had gone off to look else where, there was a good range of cars on ASN but there was multiple of the same...
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    my ibis white s3>>> 2007 facelift to 2011 spec - Now With New Pics.

    That's good to here, should have them on by the end of the week, Think you wheels look great
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    my ibis white s3>>> 2007 facelift to 2011 spec - Now With New Pics.

    your car looks fab, but then it should it an audi. it would seem i am following suit, got mot coming up and need side repeaters, like you i wanted the smaller one's but it would seem i have brought the Dumbo's, i think they look good, should be able to read my rear number plate now, was just...
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    A3 2.0tdi sport lowering tips for the rear??

    i have and a3 se, had it lowered 30mm (im sure it was more though) but the front sat about 10mm higher than i wanted so got my self a set of h&R 45-50mm lowering springs. i did the front and i would say it might have gone down a small amount, i fitted the rears and after fitting, the rear end...
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    Attending list. 11th Of August.

    1, ScottB5 - Camping/Hotel Saturday night. A4 B5 Avant. 2, Jay A3 - Camping/Hotel Saturday night. A3 8L 3, A3-Lee - Probably just come down Sunday A3 8L 4, s3 syc - camping/hotel saturday night 8p s3, heading down for the 1st time 5, Turbo Jay - Camping/Hotel Saturday night. A3 8P 6...
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    S3 Side Skirts on a Sline - Easy Swap

    no photos seem to work for me, have sat for hours at a time trying to upload
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    S3 Side Skirts on a Sline - Easy Swap I have added a link (if it works) I have tried so many times to upload photos but it just don't work, its a shame as I have done a full face lift to 2012 from 2003 but cant show...
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    S3 Side Skirts on a Sline - Easy Swap

    fitted mine today. 3dr, was very easy to fit and look so good, really finish the side of the car off
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    S3 Side Skirts on a Sline - Easy Swap

    paid £420 new from tps, that's with out the s3 scuff panels, (as mine is not an s3) fitting them on in the morning. will let you know how easy it is lol
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    he must know it don't look the same, would be good for a game of spot the difference, how many difference's would there be lol??????
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    audi a3 side skirts

    hi just a quick question, is there such a thing as s-line side skirts or is there only s3 side skirts cheers