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    Jardo's 'Journey to quattro' - My Story...

    Good use of a sharpie there!
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    Audi a3 1.8T turbo issues bit of help please.

    Midland VW will see you right :) Give them a call and get it booked in and they'll sort you out. The problems you've got could be anything really so getting it up to Midland and scanned/checked over will save you a load of time (and money maybe!).
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    AGU spark plugs

    Super 4's in mine and not had any issues but I tend to change them pretty often.
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    What Some Fools Do

    I want to go to Arizona... And punch him in face.
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    MK4 Gti Engine Bay Detail

    Cheers for the tip, I'd not touched it for a week after it was picked up and only washed it yesterday. I'll give it a few weeks before going anywhere near it with any sort of wax.
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    MK4 Gti Engine Bay Detail

    Oh and apologies for the hi jack!
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    MK4 Gti Engine Bay Detail

    To be fair I'm happy enough with mine, it'll certainly do anyway! Going to pop to a mates with an airline and give it a blast off. I might leave the proper clean till after winter as it'll only get filthy again when the salt starts appearing on the roads.
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    Insurance advice (damaged car)

    Good work. I've just come through an insurance fight too... as they wanted to write my A3 off after I was driven into. You have to fight fight fight. I found making direct contact with the people doing the work helped...after initially pricing the job my car was deemed a total loss... so I...
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    Draught Issues!!!!

    it'll look like a brick with holes in it Nilz :)
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    MK4 Gti Engine Bay Detail

    She was coming the other way and turned across my path to go into a drive way. Low speed (25mph) and her front right corner went all the way down the drivers side of my car. Started just before the front wheel on the front bumper. She coughed to not looking so her insurance paid out...
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    These in a 205/55 R16 (W) are what I have. Cooper Zeon CS6
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    Jardo's 'Journey to quattro' - My Story...

    Bonus, another tick in the box for an AGU then :D
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    Jardo's 'Journey to quattro' - My Story...

    I'm not sure matey, I've not felt the need to enquire as for some reason my car has never had any coil issues and is the only 1.8T I've ever seen to have a dead steady idle :) Could have been an easy solution to your mans misfire if they're covered. Worth a phone call maybe at least.
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    Jardo's 'Journey to quattro' - My Story...

    Have you tried getting your coilpacks changed on the recall?
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    quattro sport ?? what are my options?? advice needed

    I thought you could get about 220bhp from a KO3S? 200 would be lucky on a KO3....VERY lucky! However they do drive nicely when mapped.... just not as big on power.