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    Exhaust which one?

    Thanks for the replys to my op, been looking on YouTube and reading comments and it's looking like I've been pursuaded into the bcs side of things. I'd be after either a power valve or non power valve dependant upon price. Is the powervalve have a sports cat? As is still want it to pass an mot?
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    Exhaust which one?

    Thanks for the reply, not a huge amount on his website and I notice in your signature that's you also have a milltek...
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    Exhaust which one?

    Hi all looking at getting a milltek non resonated exhaust, what experiences have people had from these? I have a 2011 s3 5dr dsg and am unsure on what's "best" to put on it. Any help or advice much appreciated!
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    Evening all

    Hello chaps been looking on this forum for a while as a guest and finally decided to join the crowd and introduce myself. Names Adam and I'm from maidstone in kent, I'm 25 and drive a 2011 S3 black edition 5dr s-tronic and Look forward to getting to know you lot. All the best