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    Deciding on a colour?!?! Hardest decision ever

    I ordered 3 weeks ago & was told April. Won't be waiting until July for mine, If not close to that then Depo back please!
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    Order Confirmation

    Today I received confirmation that my Kemora Carbon Black SB is in (i put the order in with the dealership a couple of weeks ago) . Delivery is scheduled for April which I am happy about, Rather have the car in Spring than Late winter/Early spring.
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    BLUEY 8P RS3 - 10-years on...

    A great car with a great & helpful owner. Long may it go on!
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    Leather or Dinamica microfibre/artificial leather?

    The worry I have with the Dinamica is when I look at old 8P S3's with the Alcantara inserts & see how shabby they look. I went with full leather, Just wish I could have got the Coloured stitching like the EU spec cars have.
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    RS3 Configuration (let's see what you've got then)

    I had Magride dampers on my 8P S3, I think the harder setting out of the 2 was purely for track only. Like to think 12 years of Tech improvements would yield something better! While we are questioning items, What is the difference between the standard exhaust and the RS Sports exhaust? I doubt...
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    RS3 Configuration (let's see what you've got then)

    When I placed the order today I was informed it was dealer fit. I mistakenly thought it would be a similar set up to BMW drive recorder (through the I-Drive) £780?? I think 1st drive will be to Halfords methinks! (Went with Kemora btw)
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    RS3 Configuration (let's see what you've got then)

    Going for: Carbon Black Sportback Daytona Grey (although Kemora I like more & more i see it) Comfort & Sound Package Dynamic Package Camera front & rear Warranty extension Order being placed tomorrow, 23 wks lead time
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    Anyone know this car?

    Exclusive paint, Aluminium Pack Buckets. Registration WV61MDX for sale in the West Mids Just wondered if anyone has knowledge of this car? Couldn't sell it for 21.5K so it seemed a good idea to put it up at 23995 Could be interested but would need one helluva px value on my Scirocco! Thanks...
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    Revo stage 2 map fuel consumption

    Hi, Yes they are a great car. Really miss my 3dr FL I had to sell for medical reasons (I needed an Auto) I managed to get the insurance adjustment down £73 over the online quote. I did a online comparison today & what I found amusing was the auto generated value when I put the model & age of...
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    Revo stage 2 map fuel consumption

    As i said it wasn't a massive issue but the fact a friend of mine had an 8V Saloon remapped/decatted & has basically regretted it from day 1. I wanted to know whether MPG was going to fall off a cliff. With the traffic levels road standards etc & me being a duffer I couldn' t care less about...
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    Revo stage 2 map fuel consumption

    Yes i believe the Gearbox has been remapped. As alluded to, Not buying an S3 for Economy, My previous one I was perfectly happy with the economy & the performance. I just didn't want it to be markedly worse than a standard car. I was commenting that an S Tronic is more predisposed to Stage 2 as...
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    Revo stage 2 map fuel consumption

    Hi, Considering a car that has a Revo stage 2 map. I have owned an 8P S3 previously but although the car had a Miltek fitted I never had the chance to check whether it had been remapped. Car I am interested in is an S-Tronic which Iirc is better suited to remap than the Manual (which i had...
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    Tracking our new RS3?

    I spoke to a Sales rep @Jardine Motors in Shrewsbury earlier today & was advised a 12 month lead time. Gulp.............
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    RS3 8P on Feebay *needs attention*

    Cars are like for like so expensive at the present time with the ongoing Pandemic meaning a dearth of stock and cars probably 130% of Glasses guide. Word is dealers not moving on or increasing prices even. I Was looking at a RS3 F/L or M2/M3/M4 this year, Going to wait until next & things get...
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    RS3 8P on Feebay *needs attention* Saw this ad on ebay, Had to smile to myself when i read the sellers "spiel" Car is worth 16K tops from a indie with the poverty spec in 100% order. Buyer got a right...