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    Odd problem with door lock ,

    The part No. was 8l1837016A, the seller was
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    Done in

    has the cambelt been done recently? sure the engine is correctly timed?
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    Odd problem with door lock ,

    Not the correct item, the central locking in the S3 is operated by a vacuum, that's for an electrically operated system... I ended up buying a used door lock from German ebay whilst being aware that their passenger side was our driver side; fitted fine
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    Heater takes long to blow hot air

    Is the top radiator hose hot?
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    China Throttle body

    Don't blindly throw parts at it, scan it
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    Wow 20k s3

    Did you put the car up for sale!? Yes Good; its a f*****g money pit!! It didn't sell, I'll have to keep it...
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    What have you done today?

    Hit 200,000 miles this week
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    Near side rear wheel arch , bracket left over ?

    sounds like you've also got an aftermarket sub in the back?
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    Near side rear wheel arch , bracket left over ?

    might be the bracket for the 6-CD autochanger that was an option
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    Super Noisy Head

    Failed cam belt tensioner? Rev it enough and the belt tensions it self, let the revs drop back down and the belt slackens and you get the noise again? Take the belt cover off and check how tight the belt is.
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    Custom stainless exhaust manifold

    similar to the Nortech top mount setup but for a standard K04 fitment?
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    Brake pressure worse after stage 2 custom map?

    ?! You don't delete threads just because you're finished with it