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    A4 B&O front door bass speakers needing replaced

    I'm currently in the middle of replacing all of the B&O crappy speakers in my 2015 S4, standard are really cheap paper cone type with a B&O sticker on them. Dash Mid range speakers (left/right and centre) are done as are both front doors (165mm woofer + 1" tweeter) which has made massive...
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    VAG specialist near Kidderminster

    A bit further south but well worth the travelling for, Turner Race Developments just south of Gloucester and only 5 mins from junction 12 of the M5. They have looked after my S4 for the last few years, their knowledge and passion for all things...
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    Transpires 3 previous owners not 2. What to do?

    My S4 had 4 owners in 4 years and only 22k miles, however it came with every penny spent including original bill of sale. I paid for a full HPI check and that came back all clean, the car is/was in an absolute peach condition wise and still smelled new inside. I've owned it for 2 years now...
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    Post your B8 eBay, Classified and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread

    Pair of Pagid front brake discs (345mm) and Eicher brake pads for a B8.5 S4, 1500 maybe 2000 gentle miles only. Excellent condition. Marks on the discs is where I used brake cleaner and not score marks. £50 plus postage or collect from Gloucester.
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    S3 v R v S4 v black edition etc etc

    Mine also a 2015 CREC engine'd S4, regularly see high 30's and if in no particular rush then low 40 quiet possible (not often). It's also a Black Edition, so comes with the B&O sound system, electric heated seats (S/Sport an option but not standard), obviously all black trim and grill, heated...
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    Next car after A4, Skoda VRS?

    I had a second Male menopause and bought a 2005 Maserati Gransport a useable Italian Supercar (well it was when new), however I just couldn't get comfortable for a drive more than 30 minutes. Now own a 2015 B8.5 S4, without doubt one of the best cars I've owned.
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    Next car after A4, Skoda VRS?

    I bought a brand new VRS in 2015 off the back of an uber brilliant Mk1 VRS which I had owned for 11 years and 150K miles and no issues at all. Initially it was all I wanted with the options I went for, however the drivers seat side squab started to wear through at 12000 miles/18 months old and...
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    Looking at buying a B8 S4

    Where did you get the extensions from Dan?
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    Looking at buying a B8 S4

    Welcome to the world of S4 ownership Dan, I'm nearly 2 years in and still love driving mine every time I go out in it.
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    V-Power Ron reduction.

    Just read elsewhere that the Shell decals for the V-Power pumps have been printed incorrectly!
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    V-Power Ron reduction.

    Yes I checked when I got home, I'm hoping I'm wrong.
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    Shell V-Power change.

    Anybody else noticed that Shell have reduced the Ron on V-Power from 99 down to 97?
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    V-Power Ron reduction.

    Stopped for fuel on my way home this evening, noticed the sticker on the pump and V-Power Ron has been reduced from 99 to 97. It probably doesn't make that much difference, but my car has been remapped (2015 B8.5 S4) and I was told by the APR mapper to only use said fuel and they stuck a sticker...
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    Is there that much difference in MPG between the S5 B8 and the S3 8P?

    My 2015 S4 with the later CREC 3litre V6 does low 30's on a run (around the 80mph mark) and low to middle 20 around town, of course that's subject to how I drive it! That's with a stage 1 tune and induction mods.
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    Garage Envy Alert. Thinking about renting an indoor space for a day, to detail my car.

    I bought it on Ebay, was recommended by someone on the Quattro Owners Club Facebook page, sold by carbitsrus15. It's a genuine Audi cover for a B9 S4 but fits the B8.5 S4 perfectly, £69.00 inc free postage. I just had a look on their items for sale and they're not listing any covers now.