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    Washing car over two days

    Yep… and don’t use loads of shampoo as that can help remove the wax, always work to directed amounts and then just re wax when the wax has gone
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    Wheel spacers and vcd functions questions

    i've got 15mm spacers all round (bimecc TUV certified) even if i air out at 80mm drop there is no contact with the arches
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    Washing car over two days

    i fully machined polished and ceramic coated mine over 4 days - if you know this is going to happen you just work accordingly, so each day i washed and fully decontaminated the area i was doing - just left 2 days between each to allow the ceramic to harden
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    Dealer wont budge on Price (£24k) - what can i ask for instead ?

    i got 2 free services and warranty buying on PCP... paid it off in full before making a single payment there is a shortage of new and used cars, so if a dealer can get stock they aren't going to give it away at the moment
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    My AIO Question thread

    i used to do that on my 2.0... it's license losing now
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    AITP few pics

    totally agree... and there's always those who will complain with no consideration for the logistics involved
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    AITP few pics

    was a good day despite the weather, shame Calvin isn't planning a future show
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    My AIO Question thread

    i re-coded my s/s with carista so it remembers its setting when i turn the car off... so if i turn it off using the button it stays off until i turn it on
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    Best rim protection tyres?

    goodyear eagle F1 have decent rim protection
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    A7 3.0 Bitdi 79k milage 2016

    you just have to check the tension, I don't believe there are many instances of chains failing
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    Need these firmwares

    were they publicly available? maps i can live without as without reliable live traffic they are useless to me.... but apple car play would be a massive bonus and something i was going to pay for
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    Advice needed please audi a7 quattro

    worth checking EGR valve?
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    Need these firmwares

    hey where did you get the update and how did you install?
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    Joining the A7 Family

    no further changes to the car, i am booked in for front tints next week i visited santa pod on VW Breakout weekend, and managed a time of 13.87 @ 100.38mph also had some professional pictures taken
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    A7 Streaming

    get a brodit cradle like mine and the phone is easy and safe to use while driving