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    Where do you put your keys?

    I used to do this, then I had my car keys stolen and I ended up having to change the locks on the house, the side gate, the shed and my parents house too. Now they're separate.
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    Mirrors forward problem

    I did something like this last year, here's the write-up on fixing it: Unless they've changed the mechanism, there's no way the car can move the mirrors into that position on its own. I wonder if someone did...
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    RS3/RS5/old RS4/diesel S4 drag race

    Did they ever do a FL vs PFL drag, or did anyone?
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    RS3 Post & pre WLTP drag race. Interesting !!

    Nardo is the fastest due to it not being weighed down by a coat of paint
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    Sportback Mileage Muncher RS3 8v1

    It's more of a waste of money to spend less money on a car you don't like, than more money on one you love.
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    Bent my wing mirror forward :-( Can I fix it?

    In that picture, I've already managed to correct it, so what you're looking at there is the back of the mirror, when it's in the folded in position. So, in the incident, the mirror had been forced beyond the stopper lugs so that they were effectively working the wrong way around. The red arrow...
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    Bent my wing mirror forward :-( Can I fix it?

    It turns out that the 'pole' that they rotate around has two lugs on it at the top, sticking out. One is facing away from the car, one on the other side facing inwards. These lugs appear to be what stops the door mirror from going round and round forever, presumably when the motor feels the...
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    Bent my wing mirror forward :-( Can I fix it?

    So here's the mess I got the mirror into. You can see it's twisted round much further than the mirror allows itself to be moved forward normally.
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    Facelift Tesla model 3 vs RS3 [emoji15]

    Dunno if it's true of the Model 3, but I read somewhere that most Teslas aren't able to do their 'ludicrous mode' acceleration on demand, the batteries have to be pre-warmed for 10 minutes or so beforehand or something. So if you pull up to the lights alongside one, he's not going to be able to...
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    Additional Security

    If you have a garage, use it. Most thieves won't even know it's there.
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    Bent my wing mirror forward :-( Can I fix it?

    Cheers guys. I've given it quite a lot of force now and it's not budging. I'm gonna try and take it apart at the weekend. Yeah, hopefully it won't need replacing.
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    Bent my wing mirror forward :-( Can I fix it?

    Reversing off the drive in a hurry yesterday and my door mirror caught the gatepost, so it's bent it all the way forward. So the mirror bit is now facing away from the car. I can't see any actual damage though. Anyone happen to know whether it's just a case of forcing it back again? I've tried...
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    S3 Crash resulting in 2 child fatalities in Wolverhampton

    Hardly anyone can actually afford the car they drive these days, they're all leases or perpetual loans.