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    Error free p21w/382 bulbs?

    Well I've added resistors to the p5w side lights and they reside inside the headlamp but the DRLS and reverse lamps I'm going have to get creative I think. Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    Error free p21w/382 bulbs?

    Anyone found any that are ACTUALLY error free? Got one pair (of supposedly error free /canbus) in my "high beam" of my bi-xenon and had a pair in my reverse lamps, but having the damn thing beep 4 times is doing my head in so back to halogen reverse... Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    B7 3.0tdi front lower arms.... Help

    Yeah mine don't want to lol. Had to drop the mount [emoji17] supporting the engine on a jack and block of wood... Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    B7 3.0tdi front lower arms.... Help

    urgh, looking on ELSA, for the v6 gas and tdi you are supposed to remove the engine support mounting to remove that bolt... damnit, this is gonna be a pain. than then drop the subframe at the rear for the rear arm...
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    B7 3.0tdi front lower arms.... Help

    Hey all, i'm a little stuck. The horizontal bolt on the front arm seems to foul on the engine mount/subframe, Am I missing something here? Is there a trick to getting it out?
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    Pioneer Double Din Fascia options.

    clones the phone screen ont the HU. Just fitted my double din pioneer into the new b7 with the "ControlPro" from connects2 so i can use the mfsw i've just retrofitted...If i remembered the slip ring needed to change too :sob:
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    I can only echo the thoughts of other members. A great day again from Andy and the team at Stafford. I took the A4 v6 tdi out as the first run as that is a consideration to replace the VRS (ok maybe in b7 or b8 guise), and at only 218hp it was a very surprising drive. The 2.0 A6 was just as...
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    BRD torsion value changing HELP!!!!!

    Anyone in the B7 group provide any help with this? or any suggestions?
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    B7 2.0 egr/dpf issues

    BRD (170) My educated opinion is that the EGR plays no real part in the regen process, but as Steve has had so many issue (in 3 months) we're running out of things to look at. hard to start when cold, foul smell from the exhaust, boost all over the shop (had both under and overboost codes...
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    2.0tdi cam sensors

    Guy's, got an issue on a mates car, 07 B7 2.0tdi (BRD I think). camshaft position sensor (g40) "signal out of range" fault logged, but only after a hard acceleration (almost as if it coincides with it coming on boost) clear it and its fine using ignition cycle or vcds until the next "hard"...
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    Special Thanks

    OI! haha :whistle2:
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    Car "buyers"

    Trying to sell my B6 as I now have myself a new Allroad, WBAC.Com are comedians with their offers, and people sending replies to what I ask as "Sensible Offers" are nearly as bad, offering £500 less than the asking price which is only 1500 quid... what is it with these people!!!! :haudrauf:
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    Why why why?!?!

    #Allroad :D 2ft of water on the way to work (at a ford crossing in Offchurch) still merrily plodded through, and probably another 2ft up in Cumbria a couple years ago.
  14. 2005 Allroad Final Edition

    2005 Allroad Final Edition

    Bits and pieces of the new Allroad, and Its progress...
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    How she stands...

    With a little extra illumination...