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    rear led light not working

    ok nige , appreciate reply
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    rear led light not working

    hi all, i upgraded my rear lights to led 09 ones last year and yesterday i got an error off the left one and now the led part isnt working . anyone got any ideas how to fix ? . when i took it apart i noticed a bit of water in the connectors , so i dryed them out with hairdryer but that hasnt...
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    Juicy's Green Goblin Build Thread

    jen if you get the glossifier it will come in a tin and not a spray can as i found out ! . mines just sitting here collecting dust as i havent a spray gun to apply it :(
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    Audi A4 2.5v6 tdi mini Project *Pic Heavy*

    i think they will suit the car better
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    here's mine with lamin x
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    Suzuka Grey MY10 S3

    lovely car , will look mint with new wheels on !
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    GTI International 2012 - BEWARE Lots of pics!!

    nice pics ash ! cheers for putting them up !
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    "Digzz" Work In Progress :

    looking lovely fella !
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    What I've been upto! LOTS of pics!

    i need a set of them wheels :wub: stunning car !
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    flat bottom airbag wiring

    cheers mate appreciate the reply
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    flat bottom airbag wiring

    anyone know where to get spade connectors from ?
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    De-badged front grill - yes or no.

    depends what grill it is ? , some look alright and some don"t , personally get a s line black optics grill or s line grill and spray it black or plastic dip it like i did if you are wanting to keep it black .
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    flat bottom airbag wiring

    found a pic on ebay before with wiring harness on it and it definately looks like the spade connectors are wrong ! :(
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    North East members

    anyone fancy meeting up next weekend ?
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    flat bottom airbag wiring

    right i have searched everywhere for anywhere else they could go and keep coming back to the same two ! which the spades dont fit