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    Wing Mirrors (Urgent)

    Hi all, Some absolute t*at has stolen my passenger wing mirror cover. I've got the part number from Audi as: A8V0 857 527 F1 L1 I've found a pair that are from an 2017 S3 and the part number is: 8V0 857 527 A My car is PFL 65 plate. I know the colour as Matte Aluminium. They're being...
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    Does anybody know this car?

    Yeahhh, good shout. I was just wondering more about the owners in general. Why did they get rid? Any problems, that sort of thing.
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    Does anybody know this car?

    Hi, Ive just been to view an 8v in the Wirral. The registration is PF65UTE. It appears that MRC have done some work on it. Does anybody have any info on it? Or owned it? Thanks in advance
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    Which system?

    Hi all, Which stereo/nav system is in the 8P? Is it 2g or 3g? I'm trying to order a lead to play music from my glove box. Mine has broken. But also looked at the bluetooth version and need to know. Thanks
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    Morning all, Had a very strange drive into work this morning. My front right Xenon, rear left indicator and number plate lights have stopped working with a number of errors other light errors, but actually working. I have aftermarket bright number plate lights that pop up with an error every...
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    8P RS3.......Questions.......

    Hi Alan, Im not to sure how much my 2 pennies worth will help but I hope it may help your decision to buy. I swapped in my Stage 2+ Golf 6R and bought an RS3 8P. Initially I doubted my decision because the Golf felt much quicker and more 'sparky' and was a real handful. When I bought the RS it...
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    Evening everyone, This question has probably been asked a million times and id had a go at searching through previous posts but nothing recent or definitive. Whats are you all using? Why? And how do you find them? My RS3 8P has Kumho Ecsta Le sports on and are dreadful. Theyre really starting...
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    Wing mirrors....

    Is it an easy job?
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    Seen it all now !!!!!!

    That wont be selling at that price.... Its got heritage butttt its a Mk1 Golf at the end of the day
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    How is Audi reliability these days?

    All my pevious VAG cars have been excellent. Ive had a 1.8t Mk4 Golf, 1.8t 25th Anniversary Golf, Mk5 Gti, Mk6 R and now RS3 8P. All of them were great. I changed the usual cambelt and water pump and servicing parts, tyres fairly regularly, discs and pads it least once in my ownership and the...
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    Wing mirrors....

    Can the wing mirrors be programmed to fold in and put when the doors are locked and unlocked?
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    Black Front Grille Emblem

    Here's the grille emblem fitted. Slightly bigger than OEM. Comes in 3 parts, very easy assembly and easy enough to fit. However doesnt sit perfectly flush to the grille so will have to be careful when washing.
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    Black Front Grille Emblem

    Evening all, Not sure if its of use to anybody but ive seen this mentioned a few times. Ive just bought some front RS3 badges from the bay. They seem to also do RS4, S3 etc. They look decent quality for £13. I know the genuine RS3 in black is £60. The seller is haych-styling
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    ARP on my S3 ??

    I havent had an S3. But ive just bought an RS3 8p which will be having APR software on Thursday. It is reassuringly expensive and there are cheaper options but the fact Ive had APR software on my previous 4 VAG cars (Mk4 Golf 1.8t, Mk4 Golf 25th Anniversary 1.8t, Mk5 Golf GTI, Mk6 Golf R) I...
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    The random musings thread

    I worked for Peugeot back int day when these bad boys were launched. My old sales manager used to make the salesmen with the lowest sales/profit drive this for month. He tried it with me once. I did my best to blow it up on the motorway on the way home and when i got home, stuck it in a ditch at...