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    iPhone volume

    Hi folks, I’ve a s4 B9 I recently bought from Audi Stirling and when I connect my phone via Bluetooth the volume increases to maximum all on its own. Even if I turn it back down manually on the phone it will increase to maximum. Not a huge issue except when you disconnect and a message comes in...
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    Fuel gauge

    Does anyone know where there might be a fuse for the fuel gauge sender on a 2011 tdi Quattro ? I’ve tested the gauges which are fine. On the pump/ sender there are two plugs, the smaller red/brown plug has no power and I think this is the sender connection. thanks in advance
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    Wanted S line springs Audi a4 b8.5

    I've sent you a pm sir in case these springs are still for sale
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    MMI 3g nav not reading disc

    Did you need vcds when you did the install ?
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    MMI 3g nav not reading disc

    Is there any chance that you could talk me through how to do that ?
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    MMI 3g nav not reading disc

    Well we tried a replacement laser but no luck, I put the map disc onto an SD card but it wont read it. We read that Audi needs to enable this function so in the end I have purchased a second hand dvd player with the same part number. It seems to work but with limited functions so presumably it...
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    Hi there, I am looking for some help to code a replacement navigation unit into my sons 2011 A4...

    Hi there, I am looking for some help to code a replacement navigation unit into my sons 2011 A4. He has the basic 3g MMI which has stopped working so sourced a replacement but will only work with limited functions. Are you able to do this for me ?
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    MMI 3g nav not reading disc

    Doesn't seem to have that functionality i'm afraid, I found a company that can repair it for a little over £300 but then I found a laser on UK ebay for £9.50 so when it arrives this week I will have a go at changing it.
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    MMI 3g nav not reading disc

    Yes took it out completely so that presumably would have been a full reboot too.
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    MMI 3g nav not reading disc

    I haven’t tried to reset with the fuse out but I did remove the unit from the car to get the part number.
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    MMI 3g nav not reading disc

    Hi everyone My son has a 2011 A4 Technic quattro with what we believe is the Audi MMI 3g navigation. All has been well for a couple of years but recently the navigation wont show up beyond the searching for satellites page. It doesn't seem to be reading the disc anymore, I have tried the other...
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    Launch control issues

    interesting thread I have only used LC to show off and wow …. nearly everyone feels sick after it and I really struggle to hold on ha ha. absolutely huge difference on mine to a flat out pull from stationary
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    New s 4 service guide???

    Hi everyone just found this post after a search, I have a 9 month old S4 which has just turned 9k miles and the oil change light message has appeared. i'm not so fussed about that as some of the 9k miles have been quite hard :) what I am wondering though is what prices have you been quoted to...
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    New A6 2016 sat nav

    I honestly don't know Andy, my car is 7 months old and this software update was ordered from Germany and installed in October. Absolutely shocking system.
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    New A6 2016 sat nav

    I thought I would just post a wee update. my car had the software update but its really still awful. I've resigned myself now to living with it as its clearly an inferior system. I cant even use the digital radio because it jumps from DAB to FM every few seconds .... dreadful system in my opinion,