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    All you need to know about B7 front bumper grilles, well allmost all.

    I still get giddy when I see my car on a install guide, this was so long ago now, hope I can inspire anyone who wants to do the RS6 mod to take the plunge and go for it, can't take all the credit tho, richardesty was the first that I know of to do this.......
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    Attendee list [Aug 9, 2015] Audis in the park 2015 - AITP7 (Northampton)

    Anyone driving down from the West Yorkshire area Sunday morning, or meeting at a service station along the way? Or is there a link somewhere to find this intonation out?
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    Attendee list [Aug 9, 2015] Audis in the park 2015 - AITP7 (Northampton)

    This is a video from aitp 4 If you can get past the music I chose it's not a bad video
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    Are you an active Yorkshire/Humber Member?

    Leeds, west Yorkshire, not seen you guys since last year so will try make an effort to come by soon, as a few have stated, family life, Bill etc take up time
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    What colour wheels should I go for....

    Definitely agree with most on here, gun metal grey/anthracite ftw
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    New shoes

    I do agree that 19s would probably look better but couldn't afford them, but I still love them
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    Another one joins the fold!!

    Welcome pal, lovely cab, more pictures would be nice :)
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    have you or have you not painted your calipers

    Squeaking breaks usually happens if the sticky pad thing on the pads have come off or worn off, if you take them out a slap a load of copper grease on them (not on the part touching the disc haha) and put them back, this may cure the noise
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    Dechroming Help/Guide

    Lol so do I
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    Dechroming Help/Guide

    As stated, go for painting them, I tried to wrap my door Crome parts but proved unsuccessful, so my next bet is plasti-dip, my mates just given me what's left of his tin so will be giving this a go (hopefully) on Saturday, if it works ill put up a few pics on a new thread and guide anyone who...
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    Folding Mirrors - activate from key fob?

    Dam!!! You lucky sod, I wish I had folding door mirrors :(
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    have you or have you not painted your calipers

    I know it's not the subject but I have to agree, I had ebc grooved brakes and yellow stuff pads (supposedly race spec pads) and they where the worse set of brakes I've ever owned, as soon as they got warm they got worse?!?!? exactly!!!! Never use them again!!!!! As for the callipers I've been...
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    Number plate lights not working still even after strip replacement

    It's funny how when something goes wrong and you fix it, you discover something not really related to that problem and tends to help for the future and/or other people :)
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    New shoes

    RS6 grill pal, more money and alot of work to make and fit but it's clearly possible :) if you've got the balls to do it!!! Richardesty was the first person I know to have done it and he pointed me in the right direction, after I did it I then saw it done on an A3 at AITP 2 years ago, and again...