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    Finally Got My Hands on a DTM!!!

    Yeah price seems fair enough. I’m after a set for my A4 avant
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    Finally Got My Hands on a DTM!!!

    Nice looks good! good job on the mats too, how much did they cost?
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    2 or 4 wheel alignment after lowering?

    Yup definitely 4 wheel. It’ll pay for its self In tyre life
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    Sound proofing and mobile signal

    Was going to say, there would be no drop in signal strength. You've still got windows and driving around in a metal box anyway!
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    New Member

    Thanks Sandra, i'll see where I can add value.
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    New Member

    Looks like @rhinopower is local to me but can't PM yet
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    What do you do for a job?

    Manage a commercial and residential property portfolio. Owned and operated an automotive marketing agency too but put that to one side for now.
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    New Member

    Thanks both!
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    Best Polish for Black Car

    Just to chime in and say I've had great results with the poor boys range
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    New Member

    Hi all. New member in Bedfordshire. Needed a new dog wagon so purchased a pretty clean B7 A4 Avant S Line SE. Only issues so far are wheel alignment needed Had a blocked AC condense pipe causing a passenger footwell leak Air Bag light on (because of the above and me starting the car with the...