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    RS03 CGS

    Hi all bit of a long shot but i'm trying if possible to trace owner of A4 Allroad with plate RS03 CGS, would like to know if they are interested in selling the plate
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    Crieff carshow/meet2014

    go up ten posts
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    What is the Best Machine Polisher?

    looks like a good deal, you would need a wax/sealer to finish off with
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    What is the Best Machine Polisher?

    Maybe a good idea to get yourself a bonnet from a scrappy first to practice on, we did this and even had the confidence to wet sand the really bad scratches before using the machine (haven't had the confidence to do that to the car yet) also might be worth seeing if anyone near you might like to...
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    Crieff carshow/meet2014

    rumour on another Audi forum that its on 27th April, no more detail I'm afraid
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    Cabin/Pollen filter

    the air con drains are usually to blame, bit of a PITA to do but worth it, carpets and mats can soak up a LOT of water so best remove them to dry
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    Some issues

    hope this is ok, but very active 8 forum here A8 Parts Forum - Powered by vBulletin
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    Next ASN Meet Krispy Kreme now

    Think me and my son Connor will pop along in the S8, hope the weather stays dry :sm4:
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    Intermittent Traction control and ABS lights

    When I had this problem (on my S8) it turned out to be a faulty ABS sensor, do you feel the ABS kicking when stopping from very low speeds ie in traffic as well? that was another symptom of mine
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    The greatest TV or Movie lines or Quotes of all time?

    Film - I will look for you, I will find you and I will kill you Film - Welease Woger TV - Stickier than Sticky the Stick Insect Stuck on a Sticky Bun
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    there is also a facebook site with pics from last year if anyone wants a look Crieff Scottish Audi Meet - Photos | Facebook
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    Court tommorrow no insurance

    I think the two year/six points and sit your test again rule will apply TBH sorry, specially if you have points from before your test, but you might get lucky
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    nice pictures Mark, the sun on the cars always makes them look better. That chap Steven is a big lad!! cheers Brian
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    Edinburgh Meet

    would have loved to have brought the S8 to this but my old dad is not in the best of health at the moment and probably not getting better. Still he has had a good innings at 84, and I seem to have inherited his car mad genes. I spent the day with him and my kids, as not sure how many more...
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    1st Scottish meet

    thanks to those who orgnised this, was good to meet all of you, my lad had a ball "testing" the nice shiny cars in the showroom, glad you like the 8 Martay thanks