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    Snowdonia Panoramics ~ 56k

    Thanks :) definitely get some, the feeling of being able to keep the sky in check and expose for the foreground is great check out for filters :)
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    Snowdonia Panoramics ~ 56k

    Thanks very much :) - yeh sorry, forgot to mention all these were shot with 7D + 17-40 f/4L in portrait orientation, and also 2 and 3 stop soft graduated neutral density filters stacked - then about 6/7 shots stitched together in CS3 Photomerge :) drew
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    Snowdonia Panoramics ~ 56k

    Haha, yeh always the way! :cold: Cheers fella, appreciated! :icon_thumright: drew
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    Snowdonia Panoramics ~ 56k

    Hey all, some shots from our 4 day weekend at the end of Feb. Did loads of walking, about 8 miles a day - Plenty of snow knocking about as well :) Day 1 Walk up to Cwm Idwal, mega cold and windy! dry though :) Tryfan Llyn Idwal Llyn Idwal Panoramic then walked up higher...
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    Scottish Panoramics

    Thanks lads! prints available :icon_thumright: drew
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    Scottish Panoramics

    thankyou, export the RAWs from DPP, then straight into CS3 Photomerger, bit of transforming and adjustments, then some PP thanks fella thanks matey, only a smidge - sharpening/contrast etc, never go too overboard on my PP thanks matey :) thanks matey, yeh it's a cracking place - did you...
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    Scottish Panoramics

    Hey guys long time no visit, loving the new forum look - very nice! Finally sorted these out, only took them last October :readit: first week we were in the skye region, 2nd week in the cairngorms all taken with 50D + 17-40L f/4, with varied GND's bow fiddle rock sand bay, where they...
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    Rally GB 2009 pics

    hey all - did shakedown at margam on thursday, myherin on friday, halfway on saturday, port talbot (margam) on sunday haven't done a rally what feels like for ages so was feeling rusty! superb event all in all and some lovely weather! #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 bit of a...
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    Westdale Bay, Pembrokeshire

    Hey guys, here's some shots from Saturday evening - had been great sunsets all week and the weekends ones were no exception. Been eying this location up for a while, but was waiting for the sun to move more south now the days are getting shorter so as to get the sun and Skokholm (island on the...
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    Gigrin - Red Kites

    thanks james, deffo recommend a visit if you haven't been :) drew
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    Gigrin - Red Kites

    Finally managed to get up to Gigrin this year, what can I say - stunning place and stunning birds. 1st time there for me and had a nice sunny day, and blue sky did make an appearance! Was testing out my new 50D with 400mm/5.6 and what a combo :) all handheld taken from the normal hides (£4)...
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    RIAT 2009 Pics

    Hey all, we went to RIAT on saturday - picked the best day for the weather! All shots taken with canon 30D + my new 400mm f/5.6L lens :) #1 2# 3# 4# 5# 6# 7# More available here >> Thanks :) drew
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    Still want that Focus RS? re colour match : All modern RS and ST's at the moment seem to have a blue undercoating on the bumpers, skirts and spoilers.
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    Massive Ferrari & Lambo meeting at Cliveden Hotel, Bucks

    great cars and some good pics! :) drew
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    Skomer Puffins

    haha, cheers rob i know your dilemma, so many lovely things to buy but sooo much money! i got the 70-200 about 3 years ago now, back then it was £1150 - thanks to the lovely pound vs yen (or that's what canon are saying for the increase excuse was in jan 09) it was upto about £1600 o_O -...