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    Coilovers & 19s on

    that looks really really nice,...nice one fella

    S3 lowered on H&R springs

    very nice, looks like a great car

    advice on M3 buying please

    oh gawd..yeah sorry was meant to type

    advice on M3 buying please

    Make sure it has had the bearing recall done, also the most common thing to go is the diff..and to check drive the car slowly and make tight right and left turns, you'll hear a strange noise and if severe it'll feel like the back end is a bit losse! was a 2k job on mine , thank god for warranty!

    For anyone who used to own an old style s3 and who owns a new style one now..

    thanks jam,...another silly question whats the 0-60 time of a chipped 8p s3?

    For anyone who used to own an old style s3 and who owns a new style one now..

    just wondering guys, what kind of 0-60 times are the 8p s3's getting?

    concert ii to symphony ii

    Hi guys, looking for some advice guys, ive searched and not found the exact info i here goes! My dads just bought an b6 a4 with a concert 11 headunit, ...hes just bought off ebay a symphony ii headunit from an o4 a4 but what exactly does he need to change for it to fit properly...

    CHANNEL 4 Dispatches

    one of the thing years and years ago that put me off was ****** just plain old and his racist views, you were always instigating it. so many years down the line i come back to have a gander and youre still doing the same! Boody hell get a life. Im expecting a sarcastic response of some...

    BMW E46 M3 (not CSL or CS)

    ohh dear seems like im a rude boy and a knob/ twat around here then!! well heres a picy of my beast molly :) i suppose i better go and hide before i leave my fogs on or undercut someone! lol
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    Celebrities you've met

    Robbie Earl opened one my dads restaurant, most of the snooker players ..again pops restaurant. Mr Dyson from that dyson hoover fame.... he wasnt a happy bunny that day!
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    Concert Radio Code

    ****** hell, glad you got the gearbox sorted! youve bought loads of bit huh..are we talking a big turbo or something!!!??? ...god i was hoping the micra would explode so i could get rid of it! The M3 is a special bit of kit, im totally blown away by it, ill have to get some pics up soon...
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    Casino Royale

    thanks Joe, nice to be back! lol!!
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    Concert Radio Code

    Hiya Joe, ive been busy working to get all these stupid kids to work and get some ****** gcse's! Sounds like your s3 is still going strong, which is great! :) so come on spill the beans what have you been doing to it!!?? still got the micra!..its a workhorse shopping trolley i tell ya...
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    Casino Royale

    must get off my *** to go and watch this then!