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    A4 B9 Avant Rear Washer

    Thanks for the reply Steff8 I‘ve been a complete donut…. Rear reverse camera has a washer, didn’t realise. The wiper arm washer jets were blocked with dirt. Now sorted after a boiling water soak and the use of a needle. Thanks again
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    A4 B9 Avant Rear Washer

    Hi, Own an A4 B9 Avant which is 2 weeks outside of the 3 year original manufacturer warranty. The rear washer has stopped working, fluid is instead filling up inside the tailgate and squirting outside through the tailgate latch/rear camera mounting area. Worried about the damage that it’s...
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    Door dents!!!!

    HI, Have just purchase a 2019 A4 B9 (previously in a B8.5), car is generally tidy but has 4 body dings (other car doors/supermarket trolleys). I’m across in Norfolk (near Diss) Monday to Friday. If you have a recommendation for a paint-less dent repair guy, who you trust, I’d really...
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    Electric Tailgate won’t fully open

    Just as a record in case forum users experience low tailgate opening height issues on an A4 B8/B8.5 Avant with the electric/power option, even after ‘reteaching’ the system (holding electric closing button until indicators blink)..... I experienced 2 problems on my 2013 B8.5.... Tailgate gas...
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    Underbody tray/guard

    This is a useful site..... Go into.... Audi A4/Avant - 2009 - Body - (I’d guess) Underbody Trim You can then find part numbers and a delivered price through the company (I’ve used them). They can double check the parts application if you provide a VIN...
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    Help Please | A4 Avant S-Line Black Edition | Where to start with finding a new front bumper?!

    Hi, I have a 2013 A4 B8.5 Black Edition Avant and recently had the bumper repainted - the main bumper face is marked ‘8K0 807 437 S’ on the back side. However it appears that when doing a parts search that this part is bundled into a larger assembly with clips, etc. If you look at the white...
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    Electric Tailgate won’t fully open

    I used this as a reference, the previous exploded parts image was for a B8.5 2013 model..... A B8 may use different parts so please check or ask the supplier to verify using your reg. no. or VIN. If you have the original parts, as fitted to the car at the...
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    Electric Tailgate won’t fully open

    Hello all, Thanks very much for all your feedback, much appreciated! So it looks like a pair of new gas struts are worth trying. There seems to be 3 variants of strut (no. 7 above) depending, I’d guess, based on manual opening/powered opening/possibly a different weight option (RS4 spoiler...
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    Electric Tailgate won’t fully open

    Hi, Just before I buy 2 new OE tailgate gas struts for around 30 quid.... The electric tailgate on my A4 B8.5 Avant is sitting at around 3/4 of its maximum height when powered open. I can push it beyond this height by hand and it’ll open, reluctantly, to more or less it’s full height and just...
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    Has anyone used this seller...

    Hi, I’ve used them before to order Honda parts. Good service. They are well respected by Japanese car owners as they supply Japan domestic market performance parts, only ever heard good things. hope that this helps. Cheers
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    Side skirts: removal and fitment advice

    Read this recently, hopefully it may help re blade removal only....
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    Maxton rear spoiler

    Hi Geoff, if you look at the following ad in the classifieds you’ll get the best idea of what the part looks like.... Can 100% recommend the seller, purchased a Maxton...
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    Wanted A4 B8.5 Honeycomb / Mesh Front Grille

    Hello, Looking for an aftermarket honeycomb /mesh grille of a decent quality. If anyone has any advice about buying new or has a used one for sale please let me know. Many thanks
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    A4 B8.5 Honeycomb / Mesh Grille

    Hello, I know that this question has been raised before, thought I’d ask if anyone has any latest tips or advice... Looking for an aftermarket honeycomb /mesh grille of a decent quality. Looked at Xenonz (X-UK) but VAT is added at checkout and with delivery a grille comes to £211. Anyone...