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    Q7 Advise for buying a q7

    The gf wants to get a q7 and shocked that it’s 535 pound a year to tax but hey she’s paying it Been looking at 06/07 plates from 5-8k and all seems avg wear etc Is it true that tyres are to be replaced three times a year? What mpg is people getting and with the diesel news coming. Is it worth...
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    147mph S4 .... Disqualified!

    You do know why we have the 70mph? A ac cobra. 40 years ago and how many ***** on the road now ? 70mph is due to in my eyes bad uk drivers. Chips on shoulders in their posh cars. Safety should be first as human life. Most people who want to raise speed limits are people who want to get...
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    p/a door not shutting right

    We get round to it next month as not used it for a while
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    Disgusted with Adrian Flux

    thanks for the post DS will look at greenlight laughing as says NO bmw`s
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    Disgusted with Adrian Flux

    been with them for 11 years and also use to have a banner for kick backs and never had moans i have a a3, 4 mods and got my email today for renew in a month they are quoting me £384 , fully comp with 2 added things i added, legal cover and the flexi drive thing that covers on other cars went...
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    exhaust blown sound from front of car

    thanks, the guy didnt turn up to look.
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    exhaust blown sound from front of car

    i wont know yet to the guy turns up. was going to replace for a better flow as doing the parts when i got free money, so manifold, then down pipe etc as i need a new rear box as doing the 8l to s3 rear bumper swap
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    exhaust blown sound from front of car

    tuffy do you know what the manifold looks like, as trying to source one on ebay as better to change now while its being worked on and all i can see is ones that talk about T3 turbos when mine i guess is the standard k03 audi says is part 06a253033al lol £367
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    Post pics of your A3/S3

    this old pic of andy121 car has been mine for 5 years Who ever did the paint needs to be shot, didn't even prime it and they just spray the car. Some white bits around rear tailgate and front bumper are badly flecking . when i called if they wanted their pvs plate back, they were very...
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    exhaust blown sound from front of car

    well hopefully the guy will come look this week. i looked myself and can see where the downpipe is on the manifold and is above that
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    A3 8L Roof Racks

    ^^^^ is that just a normal bumper cut out?
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    exhaust blown sound from front of car

    For the last week out of the blue, have got a sound from the front of the car like a big hole in the exhaust. Starting as well to get the dodgy smell like a rear exhaust box in the cab of my 1998 1.8 turbo would people think its a cracked down pipe? manifold? gasket? It is the raspberry sound...
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    audi a3 8l to single grill CONVERSION

    Wanted to check a few things on doing the front bumper CONVERSION. To get a 1999 8L to look newer, there is a bumper on ebay thats £250 and the top of the bumper of course is straight (flat) to bolt straight on the car. If I was to go another route, I have seen a bumper and grill on ebay that...
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    p/a door not shutting right

    weird i found out the door trim was not on right and now have a gap at mirror end and back to 5/10 shuts first go a small gap in door, how to adjust it closer? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk