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    New Audi A3 vs VW Golf vs BMW 1 Series vs Mercedes A Class

    Not impressed with the new A3 interior. Not even so much the plastics, but the fact that it's all touch screen. No thanks. I'll be keeping my 8V for a while longer yet, unless they want to offer me an amazing deal on an A4.
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    audi a3 tdi automatic

    No issue with mine - 2017 184hp 2.0 TDI, around 50,000 miles
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    Remove brake calipers without removing brake discs

    In theory you can, but I don't think it's much of a problem - just take the brake pads off and put them back in place when you come to reassemble. There's a bracket that they (and the calipers) mount on to that stays in place when you take the calipers off via the 2 pins/bolts (they're slightly...
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    Remove brake calipers without removing brake discs

    I replaced all the pads and discs from my car recently, but I'm unsure what you're asking. The thread title asks if you can remove the calipers without removing the discs (yes), but your text asks if you can remove the caliper without removing the pads (also probably yes, but be careful on the...
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    HELP internal blower fans running after engines turn off....

    Sounds like DPF regen. You need to take it on a long drive to allow the DPF to regenerate if that is happening at a reasonable speed, take it up and down the motorway for a bit.
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    Brake pad + disc replacement - bolt torques

    It's bizzare just how different the two are as well - the carrier unit for the front is held in with 21mm hex head bolts, and the rear carrier is held in with a torx head bolt of some kind. Strange how they use different heads. Some vague attempt to stop people messing with the rear brakes...
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    Brake pad + disc replacement - bolt torques

    Yes, I found similar values myself, but was from the pre FL version I think. Thanks for the confirmation! Weirdly the values I found for the torx bolt for the disc were 8Nm for the fronts and 12Nm for the rears!
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    Brake pad + disc replacement - bolt torques

    When you come to do yours, you decide whether you need the torque values or not. I was just asking if anyone knew them so I could follow them to spec for myself. I'm not sure why you would need to tell me not to do that. My car, my decision.
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    Brake pad + disc replacement - bolt torques

    There are workshop manuals and diagrams. I have them for the pre-FL car which I did the same job on (though fronts only), and they tell you the required torques for everything. Too late now anyway, I found some torque values but I'm not certain they aren't for the pre FL car. I've done the job now.
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    Next model A3

    I see the new A3 can tell you when you've driven into a lake too
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    Brake pad + disc replacement - bolt torques

    Hi all I need to replace the brake pads and discs on my 2017 A3 (facelift, specs in signature). I have all the parts ready to go but was wondering if someone with the workshop manual could either post up the relevant diagrams, or let me know the required torque settings for the various bolts...
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    Thinkware F770

    Nope, not had this issue at all myself
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    Are modern cars too clever?

    I like all the tech, and no the cars aren't too clever. Tech improves safety, even if they don't work perfectly all the time. I'm fairly sure the same complaints have been made about various improvements throughout the history of the car... sychro mesh, power steering, starter motors...
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    40 tdi quattro

    Colour isn't the same, the Scuba blue was lighter.
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    40 tdi quattro

    I have the sport suspension on mine (though not the s-line suspension), and it's fine for me really. The better handling makes up for the slightly rougher ride IMO. I can't remember what the S3 I drove was specced with, but my car at the time had the regular suspension anyway.