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    Oh and I'm Thanks!!

    Oh and I'm Thanks!!
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    Hi I'm looking to set up Video in Motion on my RS4. Something you could help me with? Many...

    Hi I'm looking to set up Video in Motion on my RS4. Something you could help me with? Many thanks. Richard
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    RS4 Alloys

    If they are shagged there is a place in Carnwath, Ace Performance Cars, that can straighten them. Knocked one out on my old S4 which gave vibrations, especially under light braking at anything over 60mph. They fixed the wheel
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    Snow tyres anybody?

    Anybody know of anybody with tyres available? 245/40 R18 Should have bought them 2 months ago.......... If not def next year
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    B8 S4 - Fuel consumption figures change!

    I think the S-tronic is 224g /km and just slips into the lower tax band and the manual is just over so costs 2 times each year for RFL. Had a B6 S4 for 7 years. Only slightly better fuel consumption on gentle A road driving 28mpg vs 25 for the old car. Otherwise fuel consumption much like the...
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    Washer Jet Questions

    Thanks Scotty. Poured in neat concentrated washer fluid bought in Costco when the bottle wasn't empty and it seems better. Otherwise car goes well in the snow. Was a bit worried about going from a manual to the S-tronic but so far it seems to go without problems
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    Washer Jet Questions

    Does the B8 have as standard heated washer jets, or is this an option? Ran a B6 S4 for a long time and never had a problem with washers freezing. Bought an ex-Audi B8 S4 and the washers keep freezing up. Had a quick look and pretty sure there are no electrical connections. Any ideas?