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    A4 Headlight problem

    Replaced the OSPC unit with another (s/h) with the same suffix (C - supposedly A and E are also compatible) and guess what? Yep - no change. I can add however that I had no fault codes which I ran a Bosch diagnostic tool on it - other than inisting there was a problem with a rear door latch...
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    A4 Headlight problem

    An update on this - I've measured 3V at the input to the module... so something daft is going on. Plan to unplug all other connectors to confirm I'm not having an issue with the internals of the module, but a wiring problem.
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    A4 Headlight problem

    Evening all - Now then, did you boys reach a conclusion on this one? I've got the same story happening here - Completely weird car working fine, left overnight at the airport. Returned to have no dipped beam. - I've tried a couple of switches - but not luck - No fuses, No bulb failure warnings -...
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    1.9 quattro consumption

    Hello chaps - Interesting to read of other people's experience of 1.9tdi quattro fuel economy - and it seems a miles off! I've done a fuel tank to tanks and reckon I'm getting low to mid 30 in my avant. That's on 40 trip to work on 10 miles A road, 5miles of town and then 15 miles motorway...
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    towbar fitting on a a4 b6 avant estate !

    Just fitted the Bosal Towbar to my B6 Quattro Avant .... yes the bumper has to come off, and lots more besides!!!If you've got Bose - the amp and base box you need to be removed get access the bumper fixing - so the whole trim had to come out. Exhaust at the rear and heat shields have to be...