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    Jonathan's A3 TDi Thread.

    Well you probably wont miss me tbh, i went to the autodrome yesterday, then ponte, they wakie and didnt see another 207 lol.. was just an ST/RS day yesterday! It had done 165k and was starting to cause me problems, wanted an S3 but couldnt afford it so bought the 207 which has been a good...
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    Jonathan's A3 TDi Thread.

    Im off next weekend, group i was with yesterday was an orange ST, blue STI, corsa VXR and a few others... i dont have an audi anymore got rid over a year ago, got a ltd edition peugeot 207 similar to the GTI but will say hello regardless (awaiting french hate)
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    Golf R, auto express test

    Example, 2 identical cars both 300 engine bhp, one FWD one 4wd. You lose power through the transmission before it reaches the wheels, with 4wd you have extra transmission parts to power so get a bigger mechanic loss than FWD... so FWD maybe 280 bhp at the wheels whereas the 4wd car maybe 260bhp...
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    Jonathan's A3 TDi Thread.

    Car looks good... pretty quick for a diesel, saw you messing with a clio sport at wakefield, recognised the number plate!
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    Pistonheads rolling road day

    That place aint far from me, my mate had his astra tuned there and they have a dyno dynamics 4wd rolling road, apparently very accurate..
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    Stage 2 remap

    Sounds about right, from what i see of "stages" Stage 1 = stock car with remap Stage 2 = bolt on parts, usually larger intercooler and breather mods such as a turbo back exhaust and induction kit, for which the car can use a more "aggresive" map tailored to the mods ie higher boost, timing...
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    Anybody done a driving experience day before or drove at Elvington north yorks?

    Well my 21st birthday is fast approaching :unsure: my girlfriend has bought me an experience day, driving a porsche 997 turbo, ferrari 360 and an aston martin DB9, which i get 3miles driving in each (about 3/4 laps) I am going to book it for Elvington as it is closest to me, just wondering if...
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    Will an AFN engine run on Veg oil?

    nice one, i must admit i am considering it :D
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    Will an AFN engine run on Veg oil?

    any update on this ? fuel economy, car reliability & driveability etc
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    What to look out for when buying a used A3 Tdi SE

    I cant think of any known issues really that are a common problem, the cars seem super reliable in that sense. Theres the dual mass flywheel problem but i doubt thatll be the case @ 49k, mine didnt go until 140k lol! when my DMF was going it clattered like hell and the clutch began to slip...
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    ECU Location

    tricky to explain, its behind the engine compartment bulkhead kinda central underneath the windshield, gots to remove the wiper arms and cowl panel to get to it, what ya removing it for?
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    1.9 pd 105 turbo upgrade options ?

    And i have considered a remap but i know the pd105 has got a **** small turbo as standard and i think it wouldnt handle the extra boost from mapping to 140ish
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    1.9 pd 105 turbo upgrade options ?

    As per title :D I wanna look into cutting costs of upgrading to a new car and potentially save some money by upgrading the one i have, as i regularly return around 50mpg and it only costs £120 a year to tax, and the running costs are cheap. I have tried doing a bit of research, and there...
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    S3 gone , now in an R36!

    very nice car, im very surprised on the quoted figures for fuel economy, 35mpg on a run for a 300BHP 3.6 litre V6 4WD petrol saloon :wtf:
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    Dual Mass Flywheel - Rough/Failure

    i drove mine when the flywheel was going, rattled to bits and got bits of **** in the starter motor so that packed in aswell, which could cost you another 200 nicker dependant on how ya go about fixing it. I replaced my flywheel with a light weight solid one, you can hear it clatter on tick...