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    Help with Border guttering issue, One for the home owners here

    I was just about to suggest the exact same thing. It keeps things amicable with your neighbour (nothing worse than falling out with them) and also keeps your butt nice and full ;)
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    Very Strange Noise From Car? S5 V8

    I had the exact same symptoms on a 8P S3. It turned out to be the the rear diff / haldex unit that had basically worked itself loose from the chassis and was moving around on lift off of the throttle. Got it sorted under warranty so I don't know what the fix was.
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    Hi, I noticed you are in Wellingborough and are on the VCDS map.. I am also in Wellingborough...

    Hi, I noticed you are in Wellingborough and are on the VCDS map.. I am also in Wellingborough and am picking up a new car next week. I was wondering if you would be happy to code in some changes for me? I might also be interested in some LED conversions depending on what LED's I get from stock...
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    What tyres

    Actually ScottishS3's comments led me to them. I looked at the Michelins which I had in the past but were much more expensive at my local garage. Although I could have bought them myself and had my garage fit them, it still worked out more expensive. The Pirelli's (also had these before) were a...
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    What tyres

    Thanks for the varied comments. Have got it booked in for some Pirelli PZero Rosso's 245/40/18, fitted for £164 a corner, which I am happy with as I always felt that the Dunlops were noisy
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    What tyres

    Getting ready for some new tryes, and looking at the tyres the car came with (Dunlops) they are one of those daft "AO" audi only codes that instantly add 20% to the price. Have been quoted £168 a tyre on those! So, any suggestions on alternatives or should I stick with the suggested tyre?
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    S4 Longlife services

    I do 12k a year, so its not the amount of miles thats the problem, its just lots of shorter journeys rather than perhaps one long commute every day As the car is garaged every day without fail it does get a couple of minutes warm up / down anyway whilst I faff about with the garage door etc.
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    S4 Longlife services

    Exactly right, so my driving hasnt changed during that time, but the service interval has decreased substantially. I will check to see what the MMI is reporting tomorrow Now, who suggested I do some longer runs.... what should I do, keep driving round the block a few times? :racer: lol
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    S4 Longlife services

    Yes it told me, and was reset after the first service. My driving is local / stop start, not particularly long distance runs so i'm not expecting huge intervals between services, but 7k is very poor!?
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    S4 Longlife services

    Hi, I had my S4 serviced for the first time in March, at 12k miles by an independent Audi specialist. Now at 19k miles it wants another one, only 7k miles added since the last service I would have expected it to come in at around another 12k miles from the previous service as my driving...
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    Is there actualy a web site where you can see if any camera van has taken your pic?

    UK Speed Camera Database. Check to see if you have been caught speeding
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    Fu*&ing Adverts

    None of the adverts mentioned so far come anywhere close to this one ARRRGGHHH!H!!!!!!
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    Hay fever sufferers

    Tesco own brand Hayfever tablets work the best for me, used to do the nasal spray and eye drops bit not any more.
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    Weddings & Marriage

    I got around this by proposing on holiday in Dubai with a Haribo ring, then took her shopping the next day for a proper ring. I didn't have to worry about sizes She got to pick exactly what she wanted She got a much better ring for the money out there.
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    Weddings & Marriage

    I am having the same problem at the moment. Been together 8 years, proposed in the sand dunes of Dubai last year and then took her shopping for a ring in the gold souks (got a massive rock for half the UK price) She would like to go to Hawaii for the big day, and that suits me since it means we...