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    High mileage 1.8T

    Cool, hopefully a decent car. PLan is to view tomorrow. I did have a B5 Passat 1.8T a long time ago and do remember it being half decent on fuel.
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    High mileage 1.8T

    40k ago for belt. So did the later car have some revisions to help with the sludge issue? Id clean out the sump but I know these are a pain to do. Half leather seats , s-line etc. It has the usual rusty front wings. I was originally thinking a Tdi but would prefer a petrol if its not...
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    High mileage 1.8T

    Folks, going to look at a 1.8T 190bhp avant 2004 at the weekend with 120k miles on it. Its been serviced every 10k miles or less for the last 7 years and I know about the sludge build up but how many people have actually had an issue with it? Other than the sludge build up and the usual coil...
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    For Sale 19in S4 Peeler wheels

    Set of original 8.5x19in S4 peeler wheels from my S4. They are 5x112 with 66.6mm centrebore. Cant fit 57.1mm with spigot rings. All have small marks and light kerbing to an extent, they would make ideal winter wheels or once a base refurb will get them back to good. Located near Aberdeen...
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    Help Please Avant Mud Flaps

    Torx bit, can remember the size. There is also a set of metal clips but a big screwdriver is all that is needed. I have set of flaps I took of my car.
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    How do you get your bike in your car ??

    I run roof bars all year round and have had 4 mtb's on before so I don't think putting it on the roof is a real issue. Security wise its fairly easy to get round it with chain/padlock if need be. Ive been doing this for 10 years and never had an issue so I think your making a problem that...
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    Sold B8 Sprint Blue S4 Avant.

    No problem. The car is on standard map it's not tuned at all. I have the pulley kit but haven't fitted it yet. Both sets included, no tyres on the standard wheels but I do have couple of spare tyres. Unsure of the exact gearbox but owner at the time said it was updated version.
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    Moving into the S4 Fold

    Hi, my car is for sale at the moment if its of interest? Its got good history with nice spec and should need nothing doing for a while as Ive just serviced it, new tyres and its had the thermostat done as well. This is my...
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    Sold B8 Sprint Blue S4 Avant.

    Now on 79k. Price drop to £13800.
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    Sold S3 8L 3.2 V6
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    Sold S3 8L 3.2 V6

    I've got a real hankering for this, if my B8 S4 sells I'll be in touch.
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    Sold B8 Sprint Blue S4 Avant.

    Bump on this, as said willing to take a PX on this.
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    Sold B8 Sprint Blue S4 Avant.

    Nope however my previous one had one and I don't really notice much if any difference.