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    RS3 8P Help

    Hi, can't seem to PM you due to restrictions. Do you mind e-mailing me the PDF's you have for the 8P RS3?
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    Audi rs3 8p

    I hear you, I sold my S3 8P back in 2016.. owned a Q5 in between and was in the market for an S3 8V . But there are just so many on the roads here in South Africa, eventually traded the Q5 in for the RS3 8P on Tuesday and I tell you the looks the car gets is insane.. definitely, a sought after...
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    RS3 8P Lower Grill Back

    Thanks for this info, I was looking all over the internet for these part numbers. Does anyone have the part numbers for the actual left and right lower grills as I want to replace them?
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    Audi rs3 8p

    After owning a 2008 Audi S3 8P Stage 2+, I bought a 2012 Audi RS3 and can tell you it is a different car... it never disappoints.