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    Re-sync key

    Ok so sorted it. No thanks to Audi service who when I phoned didn't have a clue lol. Anyways yes, the battery was in the correct way, red light flashing when pressed etc. I managed to figure this out by a lot of trial and error, so hopefully it'll help someone else in the future! 1) I unlocked...
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    Re-sync key

    Having just changed the battery on my spare remote, I've found it doesn't work now. :( Unfortunately it's being collected by the Finance company tomorrow so no time to take to a dealers. how do I re-sync the key? I've read a few things online, but they all seem to be for older model cars, or...
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    Remap options for A4 272 Quattro?

    There's 10 bhp in it - I doubt you'd notice all that much.
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    Audi Connect Licenses

    I wonder if this means they are going to start charging for it lol?
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    A4 Currently - What Next?

    Just had the car delivered now. First impressions are I like it. Looks very nice inside, comfortable and feels quite premium. I've only driven it about a mile so far, as the delivery driver was being picked up but his transport was running a bit behind so I said I'd nip him to the shopping...
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    Non virtual Cockpit Cruise Control problem

    Mine is 66 plate with mono display, and that doesn't (and has never) displayed the speed unless the CC is engaged. Once you tap it off (or press the brakes) you don't know it's ever been on. I kind of preferred it that way as I use it a lot and it drives me mad seeing lights on the dash to show...
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    Bye for now!

    How was the inspection? Got mine shortly, there's a couple of big stone chips on the bumper which I've touched up in the past, so hoping that they don't complain about those. If it's 21 quid I'm not going to really argue, but as far as I'm concerned there's nothing over and above normal wear and...
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    A4 Currently - What Next?

    My GFV is about 14.9k after 48 months, the car isn't worth that even now at 40 months. I think they must have way over egged the gfvs on the B9 A4's. I'll be sad to see mine go. Today is it's last "proper" drive, the commute to work. My new one gets delivered to the office today so the A4 will...
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    Auto boot opening

    Mine is fine, though my old A3 Saloon used to pop but not open. Had the struts replaced under warranty and that sorted it.
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    Third Service...

    On my A4 they have sensors. I was "advised" to have all four done, but as the rears weren't as worn as the fronts, I chose to only get the front done to save a huge bill just before xmas. About 4 months later, the warning came on the dash for the rears.
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    Excess Mileage

    I guess it depends on whether they choose to fight you for it - they might "claim" that with a significant amount of excess mileage, the vehicle has not got "fair wear and tear". And if they do, how happy are you to fight it? My wife was in a similar situation last year, where she had done more...
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    Tyres, Quattro, diffs, advice needed.

    I'm not sure whether you'd be able to "claim" back off Audi for selling it you like that, as ultimately you purchased and accepted the car. However when I had to get one replaced, they said that there was some (?) tolerance between tread on either side (albeit small). I'm guessing as the front...
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    A4 Currently - What Next?

    Somewhat true - had I the option of changing at 2 years, I wouldn't have, however after 3 years it's the no warranty, higher maintenance costs for general wear & tear items etc, that make me want to change. I'd have happily gone back into a new 3.0 TDI A4, however unfortunately options are...
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    Decisions, decisions...

    Yep, same to be honest, he tried getting me to have one, but I went for the Merc instead.
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    Decisions, decisions...

    A friend of mine in the leasing business reckons there are some very good deals on the 330e around at the moment...