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    Q3 Advice please

    Does your car got headlight washers? If yes check fuse 36
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    Crazy fuel prices

    Not typo, this was the quote from moneysupermarket for comparison West Midlands
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    Crazy fuel prices

    Utilities bill which were around £200 for quarter are now going to be over £700 per month from 1st April, council tax is increased as well. Groceries are going up as well. Need to figure out how to balance outgoings with incoming of funds asap otherwise savings pot will be empty within a year...
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    Crazy fuel prices

    Filled the tank last night which cost me £121.24 for 66.29 litres of petrol. Ouch!!
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    SQ5 SQ5 arriving Tuesday

    Yeah that's the way to do it.
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    SQ5 SQ5 arriving Tuesday

    These comes pre installed on car but I did installation on my previous car. It's easier if you can access the ramp, I installed it with drilling holes in bumper and fit it with bolts. No bumper removal was required.
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    SQ5 Fresh from three days in a detailing studio.

    Lovely british weather, eeh? Everytime I spend few hours cleaning/detailing my car, this happens very next day.
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    SQ5 SQ5 arriving Tuesday

    I got one with maxton kit all around. Not black but blue
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    This will cause some fireworks soon. Let's wait to see what happens when someone gets caught
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    SQ5 Back in Audi with SQ5

    Yeah manual says VW 508 00 (Flexible) & VW 502 00 (Fixed), quick google says 0W-20 for 508 & 0W-40 for 502. My understanding is for topup I should use 0W-20 ?
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    For Sale Wagner Competition - C7 A6/A7 3.0 TDI

    I got Wagner Competition Intercooler for sale which I had on my C7 A6. Car was sold last year so this must go as well. Please note; I only got Intercooler, no hoses or fitting. Here is official pricing and info on the intercooler Collection from...