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    RS5 compromise??

    Took me around 5 months toward the back-end of last year to find my one and in the end had to travel to Aberdeen (I'm London based). I could've bought one a lot sooner but the colour/spec wasn't quite right and I'm fussy so i held out. I guess you need to weigh up how soon you want one. Bear in...
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    B8 S5 FBSW (flat bottom steering wheel)

    No worries - completely understandable. Hope things improve your side. Yeah i used to DJ a lot, if you're on Soundcloud here's a link to some of my stuff....
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    B8 S5 FBSW (flat bottom steering wheel)

    Hi mate, not sure if you have found one but I have a flat bottom steering wheel from a 2014 S5 which would be a direct plug & play into yours. It has the S-Tronic paddles too. let me know if interested. Cheers
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    A5/S5/RS5 for sale/wanted/ebay links

    Hi all, Genuine Audi S5 Flat Bottom Leather Steering Wheel Auto Paddles (A5,RS5,A4,S4) & Airbag Full details here: Thanks Dom
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    Sold Genuine Audi S5 Flat Bottom Leather Steering Wheel Auto Paddles (A5,RS5,A4,S4) & Airbag

    Hi all, Full details here: Thanks Dom
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    Sold Genuine Original Audi RS4/RS5 20” Rotor Alloy Wheels & Tyres (Rota Rotar) A5,S5

    Hi folks, selling a set of 4 x Genuine 20” Audi RS5 Rotor concave Alloys with Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT 275/30/20 tyres (5-6mm tread). They are off a 2011 RS5. Reason for sale is I have swapped them for another set. They are 9J wide with ET26 offset and will fit any A5, S5 or RS5 with no arch...
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    For Sale 2012 (61 reg) Audi A5 2.0 TFSI Black Edition (S-Line) Quattro 2dr Coupe, Ibis White

    Ah sorry about that - sounds like a miscommunication there. It's certainly a 2012, as confirmed on Parker's website, screenshot here: I had temporarily asked them to delist it as needed it back for a week as had probs with my new car and Audi couldn't give me courtesy car. Yes very strange...
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    For Sale 2012 (61 reg) Audi A5 2.0 TFSI Black Edition (S-Line) Quattro 2dr Coupe, Ibis White

    Hi everyone, If anyone is after a clean A5 2.0 TFSI Quattro Black Edition Coupe mine is for sale via Southern Prestige. It’s a 2012 so doesn’t suffer from the dreaded oil consumption/piston rings issue Naturally, it will be sold...
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    For Sale OEM Genuine Audi A5/S5 Flat Bottom Leather Steering Wheel & Airbag 8P0419091 CR

    Hi all, This lovely wheel was originally off an Audi S3 but had the necessary alteration (by Ash @ Audi-Retrofits) to be fully compatible for a manual Audi A5/S5. Full details and photos...
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    Comment by 'Donny_DJ' in media '[No title]'

    @Marky007 It’s for an 8V model so had to be modified to fit my 8P. I think ot was approx £70 brand new from eBay. Well worth it though. Ash @ Audi Retrofits helped with fitment
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    2.0 TFSi Best engine for petrol heads / my journey to get there!

    Sounds like same spec as mine. I've had a Revo remap (Stage 1 to around 250bhp) and would highly recommend it. Coupled with a Milltek catback and you're laughing
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    Lowering S Line

    Just seen this. Labour for fitting suspension can range £60-90 per corner, worth asking around a few garages
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    Lowering S Line

    Would you want that? Talking from experience you last thing you'd want is to lower it on springs then not be happy and have to do it again with coillies, loadsa £ wastage on labour/alignment
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    Lowering S Line

    H&Rs should remedy the gap but for extra flexibility/option on the ride height go for the KW adjustables. Also couple this with H&R spacers say 10mm at front and 15mm rears and you're laughing. Stance will be spot on