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    New owner (some questions)

    I believe they are the speed limit reminders. Not quite sure where you are located but I suspect they correlate with the main speed limits for your different road types.
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    Coin operated Car Washes Mcr

    Snow foam from top down then pressure wash from bottom up. I have seen folk use hand held pump pressure sprayers to do this but a pressure washer is going to be better. Make sure to concentrate on panel gaps. I found Bilthamber Autofoam to be the best. Two bucket technique one with the soap...
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    Pilot Sport 4 or CrossClimate+? Oldham, UK

    Our Passat 4 Motion estate has Crossclimates and found them very good. Been using them for five years including all season driving in Scotland and driving to the continent during each summer. I have had separate summer and winter wheels on the A7 and changing them is a right pain although you...
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    Smart motorways - being pulled over - poll

    Follow the patrol car as instructed to the next slip where you would get your ticket?
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    Looking at getting a S3 but.....

    Showing for me now too. Probably had been on a personal plate.
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    Looking at getting a S3 but.....

    And the registration doesn’t even come back as being in the DVLA system
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    Q5 Best Snow Tyre for 255/40\R21

    Buy yourself a set of 20” replica wheels with winter tyres. That’s what I have done and found it cheaper than just buying the tyres in the larger size. Also winter tyres don’t like being repeatedly taken on and off and the sidewalls can go over the period of several seasons. Another benefit of...
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    No internet connection, key user locked ......

    Has your phone changed? Or if you have an iPhone has your iOS changed? I got a new iPhone and it played up for a while. I remove the MyAudi App and Reset Network settings (which is a bit of a pain as you lose all your WiFi connections) on my phone and that sorted it.
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    Audi A7/A6 C8 50 tdi torque/gearbox software update

    Had mine done yesterday. Noticed an immediate difference almost straight away. Power delivery is much smoother and more responsive. Pleased with the update.
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    myAudi log in not available under users

    This the same technique I use to get logged back in. I had no access a few weeks back as the service was down. Seems OK now though.
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    Scratches on side window (factory tint)

    Thanks! I am working at it with a small hand pad - probably not the right tool for the job!
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    Scratches on side window (factory tint)

    Thanks for that. The glass is definitely scratched - but I thought it was in a tint but obviously not. Not sure if it will need replaced or whether if such things can be repaired?
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    Scratches on side window (factory tint)

    Noticed small scratches in the rear passenger window- really shows up in the sun. Looks like the tint has been scratched. Is that possible? Is factory tint allows externally? Tried polishing the glass with CarPro CeriGlass which hasn’t made much difference. Any ideas? Car is a 2019 Vorsprung A7.
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    Post your A7/S7 and RS7 pics here

    Here’s mine. Quite happy with the touch screen. A very different car from my old 2016 A7 though.
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    Traffic Announcement Volume

    No response on the A7 forum - anyone hear know as it will be the same on the A6 (it’s re a 2019 A7). Thanks. Original post below: Anyone know how to set the volume on Traffic Announcements? Each time they come on (which I want) I turn it to the desired volume but next time it is back to is...