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    Wireless CarPlay

    Wireless CarPlay was not included in the initial build of the C8 and was added during 2019. However the ability for early C8s to support it is there, it just needs to be enabled via VCDS or similar. Alternatively Kufatec do a dongle to enable it...
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    Functions on Demand

    .... or anyone elses! :smile new: FoD has not worked on either my 2019 or2021 car. Just comes up on the app saying nothing available check back later. Like DaveSmith999 I would have hoped to be able to activate road sign detection and main beam assist as the technology is all there for it to...
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    Differences: SE and S line

    Sorry to hear that. The basic bodywork is the same so you can swap the bumpers over. However there are some things to consider. Firstly pre and post facelift bumpers are not interchangeable as the front and rear light units are different shapes. Also if your car is a pre facelift then it will...
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    40tdi - mild hybrid actually do anything?

    This animation from Audi may help as well There is also one for the 48v system, which seems to use the starter alternator as a means of slowing the vehicle rather than relying on brakes...
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    MIB 3 Infotainment System

    Clearly I am wrong in what I said earlier Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    MIB 3 Infotainment System

    That is correct MIB2 cars can only connect to Apple CarPlay (and Android Auto) by cable. Cars built from late 2020 onwards (have USB-C sockets in armrest not USB-A) can support wireless Apple CarPlay but Android Auto still requires a cable connection (think this is a licensing rather than...
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    40tdi - mild hybrid actually do anything?

    The primary purpose of the mild hybrid feature on the 40/45 TDi and TSi is to power the essential systems in the car, such as brakes and power steering when the engine shuts down when the vehicle is moving, you get the green "A" in a circle in the same way as you get it when the engine goes into...
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    Avant 40tdi sline- load area fixing kit standard

    Think the part number is 4F9061206
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    Sat Nav Map in instrument cluster not showing

    The C7 platform never got the Virtual Cockpit option, if you got the Technology Pack with the MMI Plus Navigation then you also got a colour DID display between the dials. If you have this then when Navigation mode on the instrument panel press the Menu button on the steering wheel (LH side) and...
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    Recall after Recall on trailing arm lock nuts

    I think the likes of KwikFit and National Tyres charge about £50 for a Hunter 4 wheel alignment. However whilst you say you only have the pre-sense camera, all C8s have lane assist so you will need to find someone who is able/willing to carry out alignment for cars with this feature (KF...
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    40 TDI gearbox lag - officially a uk software update?

    When the C8 was launched there were lots of reports on forums such as this one regarding a lag when accelerating. I had this issue on my 2019 car (40TDi) , but it was only really apparent when going to accelerate hard from standstill, perhaps to take advantage of a gap in traffic to turn right...
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    Rear diffuser and bumper - options to repair!

    Think the key differentiation will be whether you have an SE or and S-Line as there may be some variation. The S-Line diffuser is certainly different to the SE and I think the S6 and RS6 are different again. Not sure but it may also be the case that the saloon and Avant bumpers are interchangeable
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    Avant 40tdi sline- load area fixing kit standard

    The Storage Pack at £100 only gives you a second 12v outlet in the rear seat area and a luggage net for the load area. The modular load area system is a separate accessory which can be supplied by the dealer, they also pop up on eBay from time to time. That said, just looking on the Audi...
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    A Pillar Air vents

    Vents in the A Pillar are to desist the side windows so will only activate when the system is set to send all air to front screen, either through the direction controls or pressing the specific button on the centre console
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    Raising Headlight LED beam

    On my wife's Golf 8 the dipped beams were 2 low and I found a post online that recommended turning the adjuster (looks very like the one in the front of your second picture) 2 full turns anti clockwise and it raised the beam just right and no flashing from on coming drivers.