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    Mk3 Boot Rings - Size?

    Could someone please tell me the dimensions of the boot rings on the Mk3 please?
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    A7 dashboard rattle Audi UK

    It was the actual clear "light-pipe" that was rattling inside the door frame rather than the LED module itself.
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    Sold 20" Judd Model 2 Alloys - Smoke Finish

    20x10J ET20 Audi / VW / Mercedes fitment. Smoke finish is a two-tone gloss black with polished face that has been painted by very dark tinted lacquer. (see link below for more info) Never refurbed or damaged. Each wheel has a small stone chip or two and one has a very light scuff at the end of...
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    A7 dashboard rattle Audi UK

    No 12 in your diagram.
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    Outta Here...

    Lets face it, the busiest part of this forum is the S3/RS3 section. Those cars are everywhere!
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    Sold B9 A5, S5, RS5 OEM Carbon Dash Trim Set RHD

    Price drop to £650 inc. postage.
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    Sold B9 Genuine Audi Carbon Mirror Caps

    Many people are happy paying for Chinese copies and the market for ones with the Lane Assist cutouts is pretty small so happy to get a ton for them.
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    Sold B9 Genuine Audi Carbon Mirror Caps

    These are genuine Audi OEM carbon fibre mirror caps suitable for all B9 platform cars: A4, S4, RS4, A5, S5, RS5. These have the cut-outs required for Lane Assist warning lights (see photos). Over £500 new as an option from Audi, these can be yours for £100. Used - Excellent condition. All...
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    Beware anyone dealing with this person

    Not to try and pour salt on your wounds but I hope people take this as a cautionary tale. Never pay for anything of value on forums without Paypal protection. There’s too many wilful or accidental scammers about. They either deliberately steal your money or end up with some kind of sob-story.