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    RSQ3 Any owners advice please.

    Hi my mum is looking at an RSQ3 the later 340 or 367 performance versions. Anyone found any faults that seem specific to these please and any shocks in running costs.
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    Sportback New/used or RSQ3 Performance

    Thanks for your response, as an update mum has decided the S3/RS3 are just too low and a bit hot hatch hard core for her but has re booked more test drives this weekend in a RSQ3 a Q3 and a Q2. She is very tempted by the RSQ3 (performance) but has not had an auto for many years. The newer tech...
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    Sportback New/used or RSQ3 Performance

    Hi a bit of a strange one here, my mum has recently retired and has finally decided to get rid of her Honda CR-Z as its a bit low for a 67 year old to get in and out of and she would like something with 4 seats. With me having had a few Audi's now I took her to to my local dealer where she liked...
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    Sportback Suspension arm housing CRACKED

    Are you any further on with this?
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    MMI 3G High/HDD Map Updates

    It is available and I am running it on my 3g high Q7.
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    VCDS in the North East?

    Im in Redcar, What are you after doing.
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    D3S Headlight bulb/ballast upgrade Kit.

    Will you be making a kit for the facelifted Q7?
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    Q7 Q7 BHP how to tell?

    pre facelift 226 ish facelift zf6 233 ish my10 facelift zf8 244 ish my11 facelift and facelifted interior 272 at some point(my13 i think) V8 326 bhp till the facelift my11 with the zf8 when it was boosted to 340
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    AO09 NNN Audi RS3 Project

    Love the porsche (lego) have you built it yet, took me a few hours! sorry for going off topic.
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    Q7 Q7 Transmission Cooler valve fault number 4 (6 speed) number 9 (8 speed)
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    how do i change nearside side light bulb in c6 V10

    Dont think they are led. In my C6 3.0tdi lemans (not RS) the access was a nightmare, for you I think it will be even worse.
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    Smoking an RS6????

    ASR and ESP First press is traction control, holding it turns of stability control too
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    Aluminium Trims

    I know you have failed with this one but if you need to change the colour of any trims could you not foil dip them as that will give a brushed alu effect or carbon etc depending on the colour of the car you manage to get.