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    2.0 tdi quattro revo map

    Hi. I had a company called Celtic Tuning do my non Quattro 2.0 TDI from 170 to 230. All stage 1 stuff so all the standard components worked with it. This was done nearly 3 yrs ago and I haven`t had to replace anything . Hope this helps. Geoff.
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    What did you do to your audi today

    Yes. They were checked over by the garage who said they were all working fine.
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    What did you do to your audi today

    Got me some H&R springs. -40mm so -20 on the S Line as its already lowered from standard. Ride is much the same, just looks better in my opinion.
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    LED Bulb Suppliers

    I have just replied to a post I started re these bulbs. I used Horizon LEDs and with a bit of work they will fit. Mine are in and working fine...No errors or super fast flashing. Hope this helps.
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    Indicator bulb type.

    Horizon LEDs sell the correct PH24W LED that fits the B8 SLine with HID`s. About 50GBP. They need a bit of modification to fit correctly. You will need to shorten the diode pins and even when you have done that they still wont click securely in the bulb holder. I dabbed a bit of silicone sealant...
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    Indicator bulb type.

    Hi. Could anyone tell me the type of bulb I need to replace the front indicator bulb on a 2009 Audi A4 S-Line with Xenon light units? Save me taking them out. Thanks, Geoff.
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    Celtic Tuning did mine..Think they have agents country wide.
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    Lowering springs

    Hey. I see you do a -30mm. Do you think this will work with 20 mm spacers front and 15 mm rear? Thanks, Geoff
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    Lowering springs

    Hi Damian. It’s the Avant.FWD
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    Lowering springs

    Afternoon all. I’m looking at lowering the a4 s line 2.0 Tdi. Thinking 20 mm or thereabouts. Have 20mm front and 15mm rear spaces fitted. Can anyone advise on who makes reasonable springs please? Thanks, Geoff
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    Maxton rear spoiler

    Morning all. Has anyone on here got some photos of the Maxton rear roof spoiler for the B8 Avant that they wouldn't mind putting up. I have seen the item on their website, but there are no decent photos with it on the car. Thanks, Geoff M
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    Rear wiper fuse.

    Afternoon all...My rear wiper suddenly stopped mid wipe this morning. Now before I pull the tailgate apart to have a look at it, is it on its own fuse? Washer still works fine. 2009 A4 Avant. Thanks, Geoff M
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    Battery charging

    Afternoon all. With the car doing limited small runs to the shops when needed, it isn’t getting a good run to charge the battery. I only have a normal battery charger and not a trickle charger. Can I charge the car whilst it is still fully connected or do I have to remove /disconnect the...
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    Fitted Audi mudflaps to my S-Line Avant, Audi state they don't fit when they do.

    I have the B8.5 stone guards fitted, I wonder if mudguards would still fit to help protect the sill from stones? I fitted the mud flaps and the stone guards. The stone guards just need to be lifted up the arch a little. No problems at all.
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    S line mudflaps

    Bought off Ebay. Fairly sure they were listed for the B8.5.