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    Steering rack

    Be careful fitting an S3 / 225TT rack to an A3, I know it's been done a lot by the golf boys, however there is an extra 'cooling' loop in the power steering circuit on the S3 over the A3 and I'm guessing Audi put it there for a reason.
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    Pirelli P6000 v Federal

    P6000s have a nickname in certain circles as ditchfinders... don't do it. Spend the money and get Eagle F1s Or T1Rs. Tyres keep you safe when needed!
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    Clutch and flywheel options S3/A3 quattro

    I fitted the spec steel single mass flywheel and one of their full face kevlar clutches, was brilliant. Got them both from 034 motorsport: Flywheel: Clutch...
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    Head Gasket problems?

    Hopefully the others are right, however make sure you check the oil more often they don't like being low on oil, especially if driven hard.
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    A3 / S3 bits

    Hi Folks, I posted in the classifieds some time ago but didn't really get any response, I've got a load of parts that were off or for my S3 (some A3 generic stuff) included and rather than throw them in the bin or put them on Ebay I thought I'd ask here first in case anyone is in need. I...
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    Would you map an S3 with 145k??

    That would be total rubbish, I saw mine at 63k and it wasn't in great condition (other than the melted piston). Saw mine again two weeks ago at a total of 152k and it's covered in carbon deposits etc. luckily the bores are still in very good condition, which was a relief to say the least. I'd...
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    Revo stage 2 yesterday and cambelt gone today

    That's rather bad luck, hope the old owner wasn't another member of the 'cambelts should last till 80k easy, regardless of how old they are' brigade.
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    Does the ECU really limit boost when cold? at what temp?

    Na, don't believe any of the 1.8t engines prevent you boosting before the water / oil are up to temp! Would probably be sensible if they did mind.
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    Waxoyl-ing my S3 - any advice?

    Car was galvanised from the factory so shouldn't need it, however it might just be worth checking if there is any exposed metal around the jacking points etc.
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    S3 HID'S?

    Get the real Osram 5k bulbs that are a direct replacement, solved all of my not being able to see at night issues. Some of the cheap ebay bulbs are ***** and don't work properly (in my experience).
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    Have a laugh at this!

    How can anyone look at that and think 'yes that looks better than a few tiny scratches'. What a nobber.
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    Before and after New Wheels

    I agree, these look a little halfords to me, however each to their own. I really wanted the orignal MTM / Sportec wheels but they stopped doing them in 18" years ago and don't want 19". I came across some replicas of the MTM wheels thanks to a good mate and picked these up: Love them...
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    Service due which oil ?

    After advice from Opie some time ago I've been using the below, it's the correct spec and just about the best oil you can get. It's not that expensive if you buy when there's a special on like there is now either: Motul 8100 X- lite 0W-30 Gasoline and Diesel engine oil 100% Synthetic &#8211...
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    Best price for changing a clutch on an S3.

    If you look in the Audi workshop manual there are checks as to whether the flywheel should be changed or not. If it's either out of shape (not flat) or the rotational movement will exceed the tollerances Audi suggest then it should be changed. I ended up changing my clutch because the flywheel...
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    Noisy interior heater.

    Yep, take the glove box off, there is a sound proofing laver that can be unclipped and then there are a few screws on the bottom of the unit (you'll see it's where the cable connects in front of you). Fan can be replaced seperately, however it's not cheap from Audi - think mine was around £150.