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    R8 Suprise - Blown Away

    that sounds awsome . i bet you didn't want to take it back lol
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    R8 Suprise - Blown Away

    a friend of mine works there . i seen it last week when my car was in for work . i always try and get a nice car when mines in for work . i had a nice tts a few months back off bolton audi and thought that was great . bet you've had a great time playing out today :sign wow:
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    R8 Suprise - Blown Away

    was it from bolton audi by any chance
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    Audi TT-RS - Stormx Project Thread

    my wife laughed when i viewed one and in the end i ended up getting a golf R . with the R now gone i am tinkering with the idea of a tt rs again . we have a a3 sportback sline at the moment but that is for the wife and kids . there is just something about the tt rs i keep telling myself it will...
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    Audi TT-RS - Stormx Project Thread

    really enjoyed reading through this thread . came close to buying one myself a year or so back and still very fond of them . keep the good work up . i will be watching :readit:
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    yourAudi - Track New Car Order

    congrats any pics ?
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    8v Manual gearbox

    well said
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    What have you done to your 8V today?

    i had fitted yesterday a brand new wheel and tyre plus a new wheel bearing after hitting a brick on the motorway at 70mph at a cost of £843 . pretty pi$$ed off as you could imagine .
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    8v Manual gearbox

    i had a a3 8v with a manual gearbox i found it notchy more so in second gear . bought the car brand new and was notchy from day one . on a cold morning it was even worst . that one got stolen so i bought one with a s tronic box and it is the best thing i've done i'am never going back to manual .
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    Trade in prices

    wow that is a big difference . you would think audi would give better trader ins to stop people going with other brands . i,am taking note for when i trade in .
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    New 2015 RS3!!!

    i had a look round a nardo rs3 a couple of weeks back at bolton audi when we was having the wife a3 sportback sline 8v serviced . don't get me wrong i know it is a great car but for me it just didn't stand out enough for close to £50 grand . the wife said it just looks like the car we have...
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    Next rs3

    the oem turbo is fine why are they know for problems ?
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    Next rs3

    i think the s3 soft top will be a massive flop just like the mk6 golf R soft top . i have owned my 14 plate s3 for a few months now and can not fault it apart from the bad road noise from the tyres on a motorway run but that is it . i think the next gen rs3 will be top notch if the s3 is...
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    Where Cars go to die.

    very sad to see . and even more sad to see the renault 5 turbo2 in that state a car i love . i treat my turbo2 like it is one of my children .
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    Guess my next car(s) thread / What you think I should buy

    the jag is very nice dont get me wrong but at the traffic lights when people was looking at it i would always be thinking in the back of my mind do they think i am a gay hairdresser . just saying :uhm: . thought you was going with the gtR ? i like the gtR but think the interior seems a little on...