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    Diesel emission software update

    Hi, Been on and off here over the years and finally seen the light and come back to Audi. I have a 2014 2.0tdi (174ps) A5 Sportback and have been offered the diesel emission software update. Has anyone had this. Seen on the internet that some people throughout VW/Audi etc have had problems after...
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    Alcantara Armrest Lid Anyone?

    Thats how mine is...
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    Thule Roof Box for Sportback

    I looked around quite a lot and went for some Atera Signo aluminium roof bars last year for my Sportback. I think they were cheaper than Thule. I've also borrowed a friends Thule Ranger soft box. Both worked well together. The advantage I found with the soft box was that it can easily be...
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    A3 8p fog lights?

    I can't see the point when you have two perfectly good headlights. It's bad enough that people drive around with foglights on when it's not foggy or when there's just a little bit of mist.
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    Metallic Rattle

    I had a metallic rattle which was noticable at low speeds, it turned out to be the air con compressor...had a new one fitted under warranty
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    North West BMW for Audi servicing?

    No. I will have a look and get some quotes for servicing.
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    Rear wiper problem

    This happened to me during last years cold weather, and yes, the front washers do still work. Just have to remember not to use the rear otherwise you lose a hell of a lot of screenwash if you forget and operate the rear washer. Thankfully Audi fixed mine FOC when the car went in for servicing...
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    North West BMW for Audi servicing?

    I have been using Preston Audi over the last couple of years and have been quite happy with them servicing my A3. I will be looking for a service quote soon and was wondering if anyone use North West BMW in Howrwich as they advertise as specialising in German cars....BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW.
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    Not happy

    I had a very similar dent that the body shop repaired rather than replacing the wing. Hope you find someone local to sort it.
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    does anybody else use their S3/A3 sportback as a baby carrier?

    Probably depends on how your pram folds down. We had a Mamas and Papas Pliko P3 pramette. Tried it in the boot before we bought and it just fits between the trim surrounding the wheel arches. For holidays I bought some roofbars and borrowed a mates roofbox.
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    is glove box hinge covered by extended warranty? tks

    It's covered. At least that's what Preston Audi told me when they noticed it. Didn't get it fixed as I prefer it to drop down quickly. No way should it cost £230, it's a simple fix that has been posted somewhere on here.
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    Windscreen wiper problem

    Firstly, when you say the wipers slow down in traffic do you mean they go very slow or go into intermittent mode. If they go into intermittent mode then this is normal when you stop the car at traffic lights or you are in stop-start traffic. However,there was a problem with some early wiper...
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    Speed Camera Detector - Which One and Where Do you Have It ?

    Stick to the speed limit and you won't need a camera detector.
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    Oil Change Interval, 2.0 TDi??

    You're right...Fixed service intervals is 10k. On longlife I've been getting about 18k.