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    My other pride and joy clio willams :)

    Nice car; I'm currently on the hunt for a Williams, I've seen a few but they are either rusty or expensive!
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    DPF reset, has It worked for anyone?

    When the light has DPF light came on on mine, I just drove in 5th instead of 6th on the Motorway for a while and that sorted it.
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    Wnindscreen cleaning tips anyone?

    Microfibers are the key. You can get special ones for glass, but I can't really tell the difference.
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    I was pretty pleased when it got some tyres fitted at Kwik-Fit on Gloucester Road in Bristol (Filton). They didn't mark my alloys and called when the car was ready. They also had trouble getting my locking wheel nuts off as the key was distorted (probably from using an impact gun to tighten...
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    winter tyres

    One word. Awesome. I has some Snowtracs, then Wintrac Extremes, the Wintracs were much more of a 'all round' winter tyre, with much more grip than summer tyres in marginal conditions. Maybe not as good when it was really bad though/ With the general winter tyre thing, I find that people...
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    Rattle on start up.

    I had a mk5 Golf GTI (essentially the same engine) that did this, particularly in the cold. It got worse the closer it was to needing a service.
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    Anyone else with this problem on 2006 2.0 TDi? Injectors...

    The quick answer is; no this doesn't affect the 140 bhp engines. But of course there could be another problem...
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    Winter Tyres & Wheels

    I've got a set of 16" 'competition' wheels for my B7 quattro (205/55R16). With winter tyres on it's awesome. And, (whisper it), it drives and rides better on 16" tyres than 18".
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    2.0tdi or 3.0tdi ?

    Over about 15,000 miles I've averaged 39.77 mpg on my 2.0 tdi 170 quattro, highest 44.9, lowest 34.8. Mostly 79 mph motorway journeys with the cruise on. All courtesy of Road Trip, an iPhone app.
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    Anyone else with this problem on 2006 2.0 TDi? Injectors...

    I'm yet another person with injector failure, with a happy ending this time. I got into my car at work to drive home drive and the engine stalled unexpectedly. It started again, but only after turning over several times. It was maybe running a bit roughly, but it wasn't that bad. On the way...
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    Is my car dbw or dbc? 2.4 V6 aps

    I'm told another way to find out is; while stationary and in neutral put a few thousand revs on, then simultaneously press the brake pedal. If the revs fall by themselves then the car is DBW. This is apparently a safety feature in case of a stuck throttle pedal.
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    Anyone else with this problem on 2006 2.0 TDi? Injectors...

    I'd call bull on that, the short engine is just essentially the block, pistons and crank. A judder would surely be caused by some sort of valve or something electromechincal. Like the DPF, or turbo, or MAF, etc, etc. I think they were probably just trying to put you off with the prospect of a...
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    Winter tyres: yay or nay?

    I've had a set the last few years, and they are absolutely incredible, and will 'never' go back. My wife's 3 series has a set, and in contrast to any other powerful rear wheel drive car, its unstoppable in the cold/wet/ice/snow. Only problem is people following on normal tyres assuming that...
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    2.0 tdi quattro sline advice needed !

    Cambelt needs replacing at 80k, so a car with 69k needs the cambelt doing at the next service. I've a 2.0 tdi 170 quattro saloon and I'm averaging 39.4 mpg over 5000 miles, best mpg for a fill up was 41.2, worst 36.6. I do about 500 miles a week, mostly on the motorway. The DIS is...