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    Fault code 01592 air quality sensor

    I had the same fault with my 8P1. yes it is locatated on the front edge of the splash panel for the ventilation air intake. Which is the under plastic cover at base of windscreen. part no. on mine is 4B0 907 659A. I took mine out and sprayed the sensor with brake cleaner. Now fault code is...
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    Alarm sounder H12

    Hi Can anyone tell me where to find the alarm sounder H12. Done VCDS scan and shows its gone missing as well as the tilt sensor and interior sensor Do i need to post scan if so here on this section or VCDS thanks.
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    Coil pack recall 28E9 - Anyone know anything?

    My 2005 A3 3.2 go in for coil packs on weds and need to make a booking for the 2006 A4 3.2 as well Thank you Audi!
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    RIP V6 Pete

    Sad news. R.I.P V6 Pete From fellow A3 3.2q owner
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    3.2 Front Lamba Sensor

    Hi replaced one on my car last year. Bank 1 sensor 1 Got mind from GSF Bosch part no. 0 258 017 176 -000 think it was about £80.00
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    Couple of fault codes on my mates 3.2?

    Hi had a lambda go down last year. These sensors dont fail completely but dropout at odd points in there temperture range. also check for a broken earth strap ( its the metal rod from the gearbox to the mainifold) Cost less then 10 quid with new bolts. Mine was broken under the head of the...
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    Audis back in the BTCC

    Or the fuel:- £65.00 for 25 litres.
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    80 Gigapixel Picture of London

    I ve found half a bus. Guess its where the picture has been joined together
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    A3 3.2q Oil filter

    Found it hanging on the side of the engine, near the bottom
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    A3 3.2q Oil filter

    Help! Where is the engine oil filter on the 3.2?
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    Two birds...

    Two Nun's are having a bath, one nun says "wheres the soap" the other nun replies " Yes it does"
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    What do you call...

    What do you call:- A man thats been dead for a hundred years? Pete A lady laying on top of a house? Ruth A lady standing at the back of the house? Patty O'doors
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    will 235/45/17 work on A3? or stick to 225/45/17?

    The wheels and tyres you are looking at are from an A4 or A6 which is a bigger and heavyer car with a higher load rated tyre. The offset will be differant to the wheels used on the A3. They may well fit but the wider tyres will actualy give less grip as the cars weight is not optimised for the...
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    Smallest wheel size on A3 3.2 S-line quattro?

    17 inch is the smallest that will fit the 3.2q . tyre size 205/50 / 17 XL M+S
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    Emision control system dash light on after MOT?

    dont forget the battery needs coding to the car as well