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    connecting a samsung to play audio

    I use one of these... Ive been using it for 2 years with no problems.
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    Service question - gearbox oil change

    £175 Gearbox service is a fixed price from Audi. It is due every 38k miles. I've just booked mine in for the S-Tronic service at Leicester Audi.
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    Windscreen replacement?

    That's probably questions you should be asking the company who will replace the windscreen. I had mine replaced last year, they asked for my reg then confirmed that I had rain sensor. no problems with the rain sensors after being replaced.
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    RS5 fog light surrounds
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    RS5 fog light surrounds

    I've not seen anything for the A5, but on the A3 forum there is a post on how to cut the existing fog surrounds and glue the honeycomb mesh to it. It did look neat and OEM.
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    Advice on mods

    Slightly Cheaper
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    Sd Card music? how please?

    32gb for each SD card
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    Audi a5 is it safe with no ncap?

    Both A4 and A6 have good NCAP ratings so I would assume A5 would be just as good. It didn't even cross my mind when I bought my A5.
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    You must be getting sick of me now...

    I did the same detail to my A3 when I had it, made a massive difference. Will be doing it to the A5 soon. Make sure you get some before and after pictures of your detail
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    Is this a face-lift or a pre-facelift?

    Looks like a pre-facelift A5, S-line. Probably been remapped with an upgraded exhaust.
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    Hi T8ups, Can you quote me for all the interior LED lights and number plate LED for 2010 Audi...

    Hi T8ups, Can you quote me for all the interior LED lights and number plate LED for 2010 Audi A5 Sportback with the light pack. And a separate quote for the front side lights and fog lights please. Thanks Tej
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    Chrome to black

    Get it wrapped
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    Problematic A3 2004 2.0 TDi BKD Engine

    I had my warm start issue and rough idling mapped out when I got the car remapped. the remappers (retch) knew of the issue and they fixed it.
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    Where is the best place to search for an s-line bumper for a 2005 a3

    those bumpers are rare 2nd hand, and are expensive £200+. it took me a couple of months to find mine and for a decent price. I bought the bumper off a member on here who was doing a S3 conversion. It came with the grills and I bought the fog lamps new. Just keep looking/asking and be ready...
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    Advice Needed: Injectors Gone After Recall 3yrs Ago

    Hi, Asking for advice on behalf of a friend. Searched the site and not seen anything similar. His 2007 Audi 170 A3 lost power on the motorway on the weekend, luckily he managed to get it to the hard shoulder safely. Audi diagnosed that all 4 injectors and loom need replacing at a cost of...