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    Brake pedal going stuff when not in use

    Mine does this too, but usually when left for a few days. Never noticed it with my previous B9 though.
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    New to me B9 2.0tdi Quattro

    Is yours the Stronic or ZF? On the V6 lower powered models I think it was Stronic but above 400Nm it is the 8 speed ZF I believe. I've had 2 Stronic boxes and both have been fine. I just leave mine in the Auto driving mode most of the time as it seems fine for most purposes. Some people...
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    Just had Oil & Oil Filter this right?

    Same here, but you can always add 250ml if you want, not so easy to remove! Check it again in a few days and also in different locations, seems to change a bit sometimes.
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    Audi A4 Service Schedule

    It used to be 3 years the every 2, but it changed around 2019 or so, so now it is every 2 years from new. Something to do with the brake fluid type used in factory.
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    Audi A4 Service Schedule

    Brake fluid is supposed to be changed every 2 years and Tamworth Audi charged me about £70 for this in March 2021. This should be a fairly consistent price across other dealers, but you don't have to have it done at a main dealer of course. If your car is on the fixed service schedule then its...
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    Eibach vs Vogtland

    The Eibach springs look almost no different to the standard sport S line suspension. I have the same wheels as you but your does look good on the Vogtlands, nice stance. Are they standard 245/35 R19 tyres or did you go with the slightly wider (and therefore bigger diameter) 255/35 R19 that many...
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    Approved Used PCP

    Certainly was the case in late 2019 when I bought my current A4. Would assume it is now, you have the legal right with any financial arrangement to back out within 14 days, so maybe only a small amount of interest to pay, but the free services belong with the vehicle, so you don't lose them if...
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    Eibach vs Vogtland

    Always good to see some before and after pics for comparison if you have any.
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    A4 2.0 TDi Ultra Sport belt interval

    I don't disagree with anyone wanting to get the cam belt changed at 5 years. If you did a big annual mileage it will probably fall into that time scale anyway. For more average mileage, like 10-12K per year, personally I wouldn't bother. But if it's your car, your money, your risk etc., you...
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    A4 2.0 TDi Ultra Sport belt interval

    Yes your car is a B9 2.0 TDI and definitely has a cam belt. I've seen a lot of posts where people always quote 5 years for a renewal, but I don't know where this comes from. I've seen posts where people with low mileage cars are getting it done at like 28k or something, simply because 5...
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    Rust on the very edge of the boot - warranty options

    That looks terrible! Just checked mine (2019) and no rust at all in these areas as expected, but not looked before. Hope they fix it finally for you this time. I would be asking for a new boot lid tbh, as they have already had one go at it.
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    Efficiency mode

    Maybe its a diesel thing then, as mine is a 2019 B9 40 TDI (1st facelift not B9.5) and does have the efficiency mode. I never use it though, the Auto mode seems fine for normal driving, with the occasional manual override with the paddles or S gearbox mode. Personally I think driving modes are a...
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    Tyres and brake fluid.

    Think it changed around 2019 as mine has a 2 year brake fluid interval from new. Something to do with the fluid used I think from factory.
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    S-Tronic gearbox buzzing

    None of this is normal behaviour of an Stronic gearbox as far as I know, get it checked by either a gearbox specialist or main dealer. In either case they would need to pull codes I imagine first to see what errors come up.
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    Tyre sidewall damage – Replace?

    Its really annoying when this kind of thing happens! You have my sympathy. Probably going to be an MOT fail. If its holding pressure ok though and the MOT isn't due for a while I'd leave it, especially if the tread on the tyre is decent, get the most out of it.