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    3.0 TFSI (CREC)

    TB upgrade is not essential until you have the charger ported to allow for the extra air flow, spend the money on the remap before going any further. But not APR as they have stop supporting the 3.0tfsi
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    Bobby Singh A4 3.0 TDI build thread

    Bobby, I've got that bearing carrier and its a great part. Well recommended
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    73 please update to S4 B8 Avant Stage 2+
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    034 x-brace review

    Shame not available for the B8
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    TMU's Glacier White B8.5 S4 - MRC Stage 2

    Hope you're feeling better Tash. Enjoy the family time and look forward to seeing you back on FB
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    Vehicle Transmission Error

    Seems to be a common fault with US cars, unlike the mechatronic issue. Maybe best to check with the guys on Audizine who are US based.
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    Dipstick - to check engine oil level

    Speak to Mark Brodie @ Brotek he will supply genuine one for you
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    S4 Brake caliper upgrade, 4/6/8 pot?

    Yes Ive got them fitted, great kit for the price. Check Mark Brodie @ Brotek
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    For Sale Set of 4 pot front brembos and rears for A4/A5 B8/B8.5

    Do the rears have the electronic park brake?
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    Wanted B8 S4 De-cats

    Sure, they are available to buy, not asking much for them.
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    S4 Avant Disks and Pads Recomendations.

    Porsche Macan are a good upgrade, bolt on
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    Wanted B8 S4 De-cats

    Ive got a pair of decat pipes available is that what you are after?
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    NGK platinum
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    Sorry mate I am in Kent. There is a VCDS forum which should be help you out.. Its pretty easy to...

    Sorry mate I am in Kent. There is a VCDS forum which should be help you out.. Its pretty easy to get started. Once installed you then need to test the lead and connect to the car, once that's done then you are good to scan car etc.