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    Wheel spacers on 8p s3

    Aslong as they are proper hubcentric with correct bore and bolts torqued up you will be fine.
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    My S3 review

    Hi guys, Before I sold my S3 ( :disrelieved: ) I made a review video on it - Was my first real 'review' so lot to learn, any feedback apperciated. Also did a Revo intake review, which is on my channel. Hopefully be back in a fast Audi in the near future! Kash
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    An oil thread (bare with me)

    I swapped to the Miller 5-40, my car had was standard regards to map but it still took around 400-600ml every 1k (depending how I drove it).
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    Is a short shift good or bad idea

    100% the metal bushings (got mine from awesomegti) and just a ebay short shifter bracket - felt so much better after.
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    Rear pads for S3

    @prt57 all personal preference, but I avoid ebc due to previous experiences.
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    Rear pads for S3

    If you have upgraded pads at the front, the match the pad at the back. If you run oem pads/discs, go for pagid pads & discs.
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    Still no joy

    Don't pay that sort of price for diff, try get a local garage to get it out (Not that hard at all) and send it for recon or fit a used diff.
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    S3 weak boost????

    Thats decent, what mileage is your car on?
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    S3 weak boost????

    I'm surpised they didn't quickly check the hoses there and then. 350 still damn good tho with a leak. Stock clutch?
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    Moving from 8L S3 to 8P S3. Advice please!

    £9750 is strong money, they have dropped a fair bit. Dropped you a PM.
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    Cambelt Change/water pump - anything else?

    Soon as you mention to some garages its an 'S3' the price seems to suddenly go up lol. Change the aux belt too.
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    s3 tyre question

    Go for PS4 Michelin imo from black circle or Camskill and get a 'local back street tyre garage' to fit them - works out alot cheaper.
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    8p s3 exhaust mods?

    @Rayner_1704 i noticed a massive difference with just a sport cat down pipe and im unmapped
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    8p s3 exhaust mods?

    Imo better off buying a ready made sports cat or down pipe from either miltek,cobra, piperwerx or bcs. They are proven to unleash power.