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    Winter Mode

    Replica set from Ebay.... very good deal.
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    Winter Mode

    Anyone running winter rubber at the moment adjusted their pressures at all? 235/35 front, 225/35 rear....
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    Winter Mode

    All, Winter detail complete. Full clay (using Carbon Collective Exfoli-mitt) , de-tarred and glazed with a spot of Zymol, windows coated with Nanolex and then the bodywork coated with 2 coats of Gtechniq EXO v2. Should see it through the winter months...... So after marking every single...
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    Fuel - Last 7L takes ages to get in

    Nor mine, everything fine..... just need to find the hole in the actual petrol tank haha
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    OEM LED rear number plate lights fitted.

    Any links to the interior pack changes?? thanks
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    OEM LED rear number plate lights fitted.

    Great find that man!!! :idea:
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    Wheels / Photoshop

    All, Any whizzes out there that can superimpose a couple of sets of wheels on to an RS3 pic? Ideally the new RS4 & RS6 wheels.......... I have some winter rubber to go on soon when is gets cold and was fancy a new set of wheels too. Thanks in advance Kev
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    What kind of price did you manage to pick the pads up for out of curiosity? cheers Kev
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    Brake discs & strange noise

    So, got my car back today, with the new brake pads fitted. (replacement of the upgraded ones)...... Will report back soon if the squeal / noise has gone or not. However, after telling the 'service advisor' NOT to wash my car and they even wrote this on the back of my keys, they went ahead...
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    Brake discs & strange noise

    I will take a few pics tonight and post them up. Ive been asked to drop my car off (again) at Aberdeen Audi, so they can replace the brake pads (instruction from Technical Im told). My fear is, that even after the 'new' (2nd set) are installed, I will still have the heavily scored discs...
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    Brake discs & strange noise

    They had the car for 3 days, to take off all wheels, check all the wheels were balanced correctly and photograph all faces of the brakes discs, pads and calipers. Guess what, still not any further forward. Vibration still there, brakes still squealing. It goes in next week (5 weeks after...
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    Brake discs & strange noise

    I have the exact same marks on my updated 47i6 brakes. I am due to get new brake pads fitted by Aberdeen Audi next week. Not sure if this will sort this or not. Mine are being replaced as part of an ongoing case, slight vibration via the steering wheel and also the dreaded brake squeal...
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    Happy Birthday to 45bvtc

    Happy Birthday John!! :rock:
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    Machine polished the RS

    Im planning on the spring detail soon, minor machine polish required to remove some swirls / wash marring. Great job mate!!!
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    Summer tyre switchover

    Yes I can, but the thing that confuses me is that its so sporadic. Sometimes I think its gone, then the next time its really bad. Speed wobble at 80 + then under braking. I haven't been back to Aberdeen Audi yet as I haven't had time.