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    Wheel bearing type

    As your car is an S4, 4H0 498 625 F would be the right bearing. It uses the same bearing both front and back.
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    2008 audi 2.0 tdi power loss?

    Sounds like a boost / vacuum leak to me.
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    what is the real differences of G13 / G12 audi coolants

    And then there is G12+ and G12++ also. In my owners manual it says use G13 coolant, if absolute necessary I can use G12++. I'd guess its down to additives and corrosion protection. Here is a...
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    A4 Avant B8.5 Alloy Wheels thread

    I'd just go for it.
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    A4 Avant B8.5 Alloy Wheels thread

    I've got 19 inch peelers ET33 with 245/35R19 and had them mounted for a week, so far no rubbing at all.
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    Monza Silver 3.0TDi Avant

    Do you have any more info on the BiTDI intercooler? I've noticed on my car that a bigger intercooler would be useful.
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    Monza Silver 3.0TDi Avant

    What mods do you have planned for your car? I really need to get my S5 peelers fitted. I bought them earlier in spring but I haven't gotten around to fit them yet.
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    Failed remapping

    If the previous mapper locked the file you most probably be able to read the file off the ecu. But you can always write a new file to it replacing the old one, if not the previous mapper has done something really stupid. How do you know the previous file is the stock file? If the car puts out...
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    3.0 tdi remap advice

    I've got 322 hp with 728 Nm of torque from my CDUC. I'm happy with this tune and had the TCU tuned at the same occasion. Almost a year with it tuned and 131k km on the ODO there has been no problems. No hardware mods done to the car.