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    Oh What A Month - Head, Turbo Help?

    so does it sound like the turbo then?
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    Oh What A Month - Head, Turbo Help?

    Ok what a month its been for the A4 Cab this month, well July not august lol!! Start of the month the oil pump went on the motorway and decided to take the head with the car! So that was a great start, after G Werks Darren and Co helping me out source all the parts i needed, as he got a better...
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    2008 - The Dub Charity Calendar , Please Come See

    Ok, been harped on at by a few people to sort out a calendar using some of my 14,000 pictures from over 35 meets and shows last year. I decided to do this under one condition, that profits will go to a charity, currently being Yorkhill Hospitals Childrens Hospital, now i am open to other...
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    DIY Servicing

    My friend is going to service my 1.8T 2004 A4Cabrio, well basic oil change, wot oil is best for the car, and do we need a special filter removal tool? I want to increase the oil change to every 5k now the warranty is up, miles is 40k
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    RS4 Defuser

    Will the defuser from the new RS4 fit my audi cab? going for new zorst in july at pipeworkz
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    Calling All Scots

    Vagfest 07 this weekend who's coming?? Chris
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    Vagfest 07 - 1st July 07 - The Details

    OK All, Vagest '07 is also on the horizon and its time to pack the car and head to what going to be a all round amazing show. Featuring a multi-class show 'n' shine competition with classes and all-comers classes, Best in Show, taking into account all cars present on the day – prizes and...
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    Elsecar Mega Meet - 8th April '07 - Oxford Editions Pictures

    Ok sorry girls and guys for the hold up and getting these out there but finally i have them all uploaded and ready to show. The show was a great wee show and everyone seemed to have a great day, the drive on the Sunday morning from glasgow again was fun and getting down to a super sunday day at...
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    Audi 1.8T - Non Start?

    Ok 1.8T2004 audi cab, parked her on sat nite and everything was running hungry dorey. went to the car last nite and it wont start,it sounds like it trying to start, but not gettingthere at all. any ideas? surely if there is a problem with the maf or the coil packs it would still start?
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    How do i find out the correct name of the leather in my audi?
  11. loafy converts

    the ladder of progression is vw audi porshce audi rs 911 then a nice volvo! ;-) either that too many forum whores!
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    ** Loafy - The Return - FUNKY HOUSE IS BACK BABY **

    well pass the link about!!! the more the merrier!!
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    ** Loafy - The Return - FUNKY HOUSE IS BACK BABY **

    Ok boys and gurls your favourite dj is back, oh yeah its time to get down and funky with it again with loafy!!! Keep your eyes peeled to the usual places for updates, another mix due out this coming weekend from either my self or mr barry penn!!! So go on and download the set and enjoy the funky...
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    Saturday's Day Of Shiney Shine Shine!! (Mk4 Gora Detail)

    before anyone says i am missing the center caps, its cos i dont fancy running around with Sterling Silver engraved Center Caps incase wee hands get to them! Plus at 95pounds to replace all four aint a cheap option lol (we have 24k Gold ones too, our supplier can do any logo ;-) )
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    Saturday's Day Of Shiney Shine Shine!! (Mk4 Gora Detail)

    Well since i did the gora, i felt it was only fair to give Gerry's golf a wash and a wax ** Pre Soak Car With Hose ** Wheels Sprayed With Chemical Guys Blue Rim and Wheel Cleaner and left to soak for 10 -15mins ** Wheels Then Washed With Mircofibre Mit and Meg's Wheel Brush to remove the...